“Best” all around AR 670-1 compliant boots


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I’m sure asking for the best boot is like asking for the best gun. The answer is “well, what specifically do you want it to do for you?”

However I’m looking to get one pair of boots that are decent for anything and everything. The G19 of AR670-1 boots, if you will


The Salomon 4D Quest would be my submission for that level of "do-all". They suffer a bit in hotter temps, but found mine good with normal socks down to the 20's. A little bulky, but not overly heavy. Had these as my go-to boot for SWAT/training boot for when you never knew what you'd be encountering...and for how long. My first pair is still kicking though they might be giving up the ghost on waterproofing.
So al for you might not be do all for me. Depending on climate and usage if it is going to the range, working outside, walking and shooting competition I have good experience with Solomon quest. They are comfortable, required basically no break in and do everything pretty well except for torrential downpour type stuff. They do wear out rather quickly so depending on use you might have to change yearly. And they are smal in their sizes.

If your usecase is more aligned with walking with heavy loads, difficult terrain or prolonged periods of time meindl Kampfstiefel might be your thing. Again the required little to no break in for me, are sturdy, easy to keep waterproof. But downsides are that they are quite heavy and warm. But here is a Kampfstiefel Leicht model that is cooler but you lose some water resistant. These are one of the most commonly bought boots by my colleagues in the Swedish army.


Although I agree with Meindl making great boots, I don't think they are AR670-1 compliant. The Salomon quest are great, as long as you size up and don't have wide feet. The toe box on the Salomons are a bit tight for me. Another option may be the Lowa Z8 s. I think they are compliant, but I'm not that well versed in US regulations. I've used the Z6 in Afghanistan and had no issues.


I can only tell you what isn't the "best" boot. The Oakley Assault Boot Gen 2 is a very mediocre boot. They fit my feet snug and the plastic backing snaps into fragments.

I hope the Gen 3 is as good as the Gen 1 was.


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I'd have to cast my vote for either Salomon Quest GTX 4D or the Lowa Zephyr GTX, if you're allowed to have that low of a boot.
I've used both on daily patrol in the PacNW as a cop with no real complaints. The Zephyrs are my preferred boot, they fit my feet better when wearing a 14.


Ive rocked the Rocky Lightweights as well as the Garmont T8s with amazing success. The Rocky have lasted through a full training cycle and a deployment to Syria with no issues. They fit true to size, are relatively light and are comfy as hell. The Garmonts have been solid so far, they will be put to the paces here shortly. This is in the context coming from a fister. Take it for what it's worth.


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This is like saying what car do you like to drive. For my foot type, which more like the Italian last, that is a narrow-er, low volume type, I have used the Lowa Zephrs which worked fairly well, but wore out fast. I now use the Solomon 4D Quest and have to say they work very well for me. Both models were non-gtx, which is how I roll. If I need WP, I add in a WP shell sock. With my narrow, low volume foot, I like laces that go down as far as possible so I can fine tune the fit. But I tend to do a lot of off-trail, rock scrambling type of stuff. So I like a tighter fit with less slippage. If it's getting serious, I switch up to an AKU Pilgrim for more rigidity (I think their latest models are compliant). If you're just running trails or whatever, you can get away with a looser fit and softer ride.
This is just like running shoes; you gotta find out what works for you.
I just picked up a pair of Danner Tanicus last week for wear with OCPs. As is common with Danner, they run a bit on the small side, so I went a half size up after trying on my usual size. Super comfortable, but do require a bit of breaking in, again common with Danners. I did have to adjust lacing to relieve a pressure spot in the ankles, but I've had to do that with Solomons, Bates and Bellevilles as well. I think it's just the way my feet under-pronate. I'll check back in after another month or so of wearing them with an update.


Salomon Quest 4D Forces. They are very comfortable for my foot and supportive without being heavy or inflexible. I have two goretex and one non-gortex. The soles last a really long time, even on high friction surfaces like pavement. I like the little tongue pocket for tucking the lace knot as well, eliminates any snag hazard.


Garmont T8 was my boot of choice. I tried danners, oakleys, Rockys, Nike, and garmont seamed to be a good balance of comfort and durability. The light weights are more comfortable but the sole wears out faster and they don’t have good traction in certain environments.


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This is a good point. In keeping with the original OP, you have to look at wear vs comfort. We've live in a time where footwear has become expendable and readily replaceable. But for combat footwear, by definition, that might not always be the case. Might be a good idea to get at least one pair of sewn down welt, re-soleable boots for the long term. Danner Acadias come to kind, also Bellevilles and Matterhorns. Yes they are hot and heavy but last damn-near forever. This is more in keeping with the "G-19" of boots, as far as the damn things lasting and working all the time.


I have years of experience wearing Danner Acadias in uniformed LE. My feedback: The uppers wear very well and once broken in (long time) are very comfortable. They run narrow and they run big. You have to try them on with the sock you plan to wear before you buy them. They are not light per se but for this style of boot they are decently light. The soles do not wear well on pavement. I needed an annual resole. I did three resoles through Danner and one third party. Danner does excellent work and they will check the Gortex for holes. A full rebuild including new Goretex is only slightly less expensive then a new pair on sale. A freshly resoled, broken in upper boot is excellent comfort wise. I like Danners for kicking doors (actually kicking them open) and for extended periods of standing on hard surfaces.

All this being said, I prefer the Quest 4Ds. The soles wear like iron, they are lighter, more supportive and a lot easier to run in


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I think it's a split deal. I wear my 4D Quest (or Forces XA's) for daily wear, but have Danners just cuz.
Just FWIW, when I wuz a kid in Germany, I got to talk with several people who had to walk long distances, post-WWII, and only survived because they had good hiking boots. That kinda just seared into my psyche.


this is the AR 670 compliant version of what I've been using for about a decade now.

Only drawback I've had is needing to periodically scotch guard them to maintain water resistance.

I've rocked them everywhere from Afghan summers to winters in alpine areas and loved every second of it. They provide excellent support don't weigh too much and breathe very well.

Unless you need something completely waterproof, I'd go with these and maybe a pair of breathable waterproof over socks in you are gonna be in snow or wet areas for extended periods.

If you are wearing them in or around snow, scotch guard is an absolute must as they will eventually get soaked and freeze without it.

T8’s or Lowa. I just wish Lowa had a non GTX version like the old Uplanders. One big thing I’ve learned is alway treat the boots even brand new ones. I use nikwax or Grangers. Lathrop and Sons insoles or Oregon Aero have been a good idea for me as well. Super Feet not so much.
After about 6 weeks now with the Danner Tanicus in nearly daily use, I am really liking them. Light enough to not feel weighed down, but sturdy enough to feel like proper boots. I've done some light rucking and long range days with them, they still look brand new. Holding up very well so far, and they've broken in extremely well. They're comfortable enough that even now that I've got them fully broken in and don't need to wear them out of uniform like a goober, I'm still wearing them out of uniform like a goober.