1. T

    NPE/Counter Robbery with Bolke, Burch, and Haggard

    Early last year I attended the NPE/ Counter Robbery course offered by Cecil Burch, Chuck Haggard, and Darryl Bolke. You can find my AAR, including photos below: https://www.primerpeak.com/npe-counter-robbery-course-review/
  2. GarrisonConceptsEli

    Washington CJTC Designated Marksman Course AAR

    CJTC Designated Marksman course AAR Class: Washington CJTC Designated Marksman Dates: May 17-18, 2021 Location: Okanogan County Sheriffs Office Range facility Instructors: Doug Tangen and Jeff Hall Recently I was afforded the opportunity to attend the aforementioned class here in...

    AAR: Super Dave Harrington, Combat Speed Pistol: July 17,18, 2021, Salem CT

    AAR Super Dave Harrington, Combat Speed LLC Combat Speed Pistol July 17/18, 2021 Academi Northeast, Salem, CT Instructor: Super Dave Harrington Round count: 850 +/- Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm Weather: Indoor range. ---- This was a two-day class indoors, so S.Dave had to modify some of the drills as...
  4. The_Tacticallopath

    Ben Stoeger Training - AAR's

    This thread is for posting of AAR's for training with Ben Stoeger.
  5. Pearce

    2021 Texas Winter Weather (snowmageddon) Lessons Learned/AAR

    All, I know we're not yet through this winter storm event in South Texas (it's currently snowing again at my house)...but I wanted to start a thread on lessons learned from this winter storm that's currently hitting us. Many of us down here (myself included) don't mess with this level of...
  6. Cundiff5535

    AAR: Reston Group Practical Pistol Marksman

    AAR- After Action Report Class: 1-Day Practical Pistol Marksman Reston Training Group LLC Date: October 10th Location: Aurora Sportsman Club (Aurora IL) Meet the guys: Lead Instructor: Jared Reston Jared has been a law enforcement officer with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office since 2001 and...


    FUNCTIONAL PISTOL APPLICATION 1 RUNENATION, LLC, runenationllc.com July 11, 2020, Hudson, MA CLASS REVIEW, AAR Instructor: Ian Strimbeck Weather: Hot, humid, Sunny, 88° Location: Riverside Gun Club, Hudson, MA Class size: 12 Round Count: 500 +/- -- Ian introduced himself with a short...

    AAR ED’S MANIFESTO Counter Custody & Improvised Weapons February 15 & 16, 2020 Northborough, MA

    AAR: ED’S MANIFESTO www.edsmanifesto.com Counter Custody & Improvised Weapons February 15 & 16, 2020 Instructor: Ed Calderon Location: Redpath Performance Group, Complete Fitness, Northborough, MA Time: 9pm – 5pm Weather: Indoor fitness center Clothing: Sweatshirt, jeans, sneakers. Class size...
  9. ChrisMiranda


    Equipment *Hodge 12.5 mod 1.5 with LA5 ,Eotech exps3-0 on larue 5/8 riser, surefire rc can, and surefire M600DF with tape switch *glock 19 with victory first rmr06 upper and surefire x300u/b *Anvis 9 green tubes opscore bump helmet *10 glock mags 3 with tarran +5 base plates *20 AR gen3 Pmags...
  10. Joe _K

    Presscheck Training & Consulting No Fail Pistol Class 10.12-13.2019 Pueblo Colorado

    Equipment: * Gen 5 Glock 34 w/ SRO2, and X-300U/B * Speer Lawman 124gr FMJ – Fired ~ 700 rounds of the 1,300 I brought. * 11 OEM magazines; 8x with OEM +2 Baseplates, 1x 24 round, 2x 17 round standard capacity, and 1x 10 round CA mag. * Safariland 6382 RDS Holster on a Mid Ride UBL/QLS. *...
  11. Littlehendrick

    Greenline Tactical, Night Fighter, 1-3 MAR 19, California

    My Background: Army Infantry guy, very little NOD work outside of walking around in the woods, with limited shooting time. Other training: Pat Mac, Ken Hackathorn, KC Eusebio, and a few pistol classes from local folks a few years ago. Gear: Borrowed a Team Wendy bump shell, Green filmed...