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After Action Reports

Semper Paratus Arms AR-15 Armorer Course AAR

Semper Paratus Arms 2 Day Armorer Course May 16/17, 2017 Greater Seattle, WA area Instructor: William Larson   I had seen the announcement for this course by watching Will Larson’s company’s posts on Facebook.   I was paying attention to this and was in the process of fitting it into my schedule… read more »

Movement as a part of the shot process, part 1

  “Though he was in a similarly desperate situation on the south side of the roof, the idea of leaping off a four-story building never occurred to Corriveau. Instead, as he bounded back and forth across the building’s edge, alternately firing into the northern stairwell door and taking cover from whatever return fire came his way, his… read more »

Transitions from Primary to Secondary Weapon

  For Manual Monday, we are continuing our discussion on Control. Specifically, we will continue our discussion on malfunctions by discussing when to transition from a Primary weapon to secondary. Our reference for this discussion is TC 3-22.9 Change 1, dated January 2017, FM 3-23.35 dated June 2003, and FM 3-22.31 dated February 2003. A… read more »

The Engagement Skills Trainer

For Tactics, Techniques and Procedures Thursday, we are going to be discussing a system that has a reputation for being more trouble than it’s worth: The Engagement Skills Trainer. The legacy EST system was a tethered system that allowed NCO’s the capability to identify issues with their paratroopers prior to coming to the range. It… read more »

Implementation of Dry-fire into the Training Calendar

“As there is no ammunition, every day when they come here for training, the shooters just aims the gun, pull the trigger to hear the ‘tick’ sound, and that’s all,” -Hoang Xuan Vihn   For Walkthrough Wednesday, we are re-addressing a topic that has been brought up before at the request of several leaders. ‘How… read more »

Malfunction with a Primary Weapon Part 3

For Manual Monday, we are continuing our discussion on Control. Specifically, we will continue our discussion on malfunctions as we address when in the cycle of function immediate action will correct the malfunction, and the rules of correcting a malfunction, which is a specific part of the shot process that was not addressed under the… read more »

Nighthawk 1911 9mm Double Stacks!!!

April 28th 2017 Berryville AR. On the heels of Nighthawk Custom announcing its new collaboration gun in partnership with Agency Arms and Railscales we are pleased to share even more options for our consumers going into the upcoming NRAAM Show. Nighthawk Custom is now offering a double stack configuration as an upgrade option for all… read more »

Integrated Weapons Training Strategy Doctrine

For Walkthrough Wednesday, we are continuing the discussion on the Integrated Weapons Training Strategy and the changes that are going to be taking place in doctrine. Master Jhoon Rhee, considered the father of American Tae-kwon-do, is cited with saying: “Discipline is the habit of taking consistent action until one can perform with unconscious competence. Discipline… read more »

The Gun Elitist Debate

There are some who will argue pure price point in both the excessively cheap and unnecessarily high extremes when it comes to guns and gear. Some are brand oriented and brand loyal – for whatever reason. My XXX Brand has never had a failure (because it gets a magazine shot through it once maybe twice… read more »

Critical Equipment

This article began as some thoughts when I was listening to the P&S Kyle Defoor interview a few months ago, and I am finally putting thoughts on paper (or the internet’s version of paper). “Tell me about your rifle” (here) was Kyle’s question that started me thinking. On a similar vein, more handgun-focused, was the… read more »


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