Gear & Equipment (Stuff that helps us accomplish the mission)

So you Need to Buy Body Armor? Start With ‘Why’

Note: This is the first in a series of articles I will be writing on body armor and helmets. This article is geared toward the Law Enforcement community. However, the same principles apply for any organization that requires body armor as a part of their job description. 25 years ago this month, Rangers from Bravo… read more »

Control the Hall Control the Floor

In close quarter battle (CQB) the standard practice with regards to hallways with most U.S military, standard operating procedures (SOPs) is to treat halls very much the same as linear danger areas. Those danger areas should be crossed and entered only when you have to, and at your own risk! One reason for this is… read more »

‘Violence of Mind’ at the Macro Scale

I’ve been reading Varg Freeborn’s excellent Book ‘Violence of Mind’ recently. And have enjoyed this thought-provoking text. The author does not pull punches, he tells it like it is. And in so doing, he has created a book illustrating how to notice, avoid, and prepare for situations involving extreme violence. One of the prime tennants… read more »

Cognitive Load: How Does This Affect our Shot Process?

    “An intuitive user interface for a word-processing program will not, for example, make anyone a better writer… The phrase “make it intuitive” is a simplistic and potentially misleading “folk solution” to a more complex problem—a silver bullet approach to dodging the hard work associated with the introduction of new systems.” -Excerpt from ‘The… read more »

Movement And The Pistol, Part Two: Lateral and Turning Movement

For Manual Monday, we are continuing our discussion on Movement and the pistol. Specifically, we will begin to address what lateral and turning movement means for the pistol. Learning all elements of the shot process for the pistol is vital, as the M17 will be fielded to elements of the 82nd within the near future…. read more »

I’ve Read Every Army Weapons Manual, now what?

For Tactics, Techniques, and procedures Thursday, we are going to be discussing how we reference outside resources to make weapons mastery training for our Paratroopers more efficient. As leaders, we should never stop learning. Commanders at various levels have come up with reading lists of publications they feel will make their subordinate leaders more efficient… read more »

Kneeling Unsupported: Why do I Need to Learn it?

For Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Thursday, we will be discussing how to create a stable firing platform in the kneeling unsupported position. Learning how to create stability in the kneeling unsupported position is important, as our Paratroopers have difficulty with this position during Table VI (record fire) as it currently exists. Knowing how to create stability… read more »

How to Mount an Army Optic to an M4A1

For training Tuesday, we are talking about the mounting of optics to Army weapons. Specifically, we are addressing the mounting of the M150 Rifle Combat Optic to the M4A1. The reference for this discussion is M150 RCO TM 9-1240-416-13&P and CCO TM 9-1240-413-13&P. The first thing that the Paratrooper should do is  check the eye… read more »


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