Couple's Defensive Strategy

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At home, travelling, or just in public, the ability to count on each other to work as a team to protect each other and your home/family is paramount. Use the techniques taught to your advantage to ensure each other's safety.

This course is primarily lecture and exercises that do not have a live fire component. All equipment is provided for use during instruction.

Topics this course covers:

Awareness and integration of the firearms rules.


Establishing your priorities.

Terminal ballistics and misconceptions.

Aspects of neutralizing a threat.

Situational awareness and keying in on what suspicious is.

Choosing optimal equipment for action.

Safe fields of fire.

Reading body language of your partner to initiate your action.

Using light as a tool.

Fixed and hasty defensive tactics.

Splitting efforts between defense and engagement.


Legalities of deadly force in defense of persons or property.

Law enforcement involvement.

Equipment needed:


This is available for individual (or couple) instruction or groups up to ten.

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