Editorial Staff

  • Ruby Mac


    Former UK Mil. Retired WO. 27yrs 1987-2014 Active duty & Reserve. Infantry,Logistics finished career RAF Regt. Reserve ( similar to USAF Special Sercurity Force). Various deployments over the years,including AFG (Operation Veritas) and 2 deployments to Iraq (Operation Telic 1 – Telic 3).

  • Bill Blowers


    Bill Blowers has been a police officer for over 20 years, prior to that he was in the US Army for six years. Bill is currently a Sergeant for a Municipal Agency in Washington State. He is assigned to his agencies training unit and is also a team leader on a large and active regional SWAT team. He has been assigned to SWAT since 1995 and has held positions such as Sniper, Ballistic Shield Carrier, Entry Team Member, and Assistant Team Leader. He has planned, or participated in, over 1000 missions and has in excess of 5000 documented training hours.

  • Mike Martin


    cllassOwner of a high-end armor and gear company for the last four years.  Background is retired Regular Army (25 years) as Infantry then Armor.  Currently a consultant for the Army (it is like the mafia…once you are in you can’t get out) working leader development and training initiatives for the force.  Has attended civilian training classes with Steve Fisher, Kyle DeFoor, Ken Hackathorn, Chad Halvorson, Larry Vickers, and Dave Spaulding.

  • Matthew Shockey


    Matt started off in the Marine Corps serving as a Machine Gunner (0331). He deployed twice to Iraq in support of OIF in 06 and 07. He also served as a Combat Marksmanship Instructor his last year before leaving the service in 09. Matt currently serves as a police officer in the Houston metro area and is a full time rangemaster. He has served in this capacity for the last 2.5 years and prior to that was a patrol officer. He also serves on a regional SWAT team and is a member of the entry team.

    He also owns a company called Falcon Tactical based out of Eagle Lake, TX. There he specializes in hosting top instructors from around the nation. This has allowed him to train with instructors such as Mike Pannone, Pat McNamara, Aaron Cowan, William Petty, Jeff Gonzales, Mike Lamb, Steve Fisher, Kerry Davis, and many more, He also is an active shooter instructor, having taught hundreds of police officers. He holds 3 instructor certs from ALERRT and is also a graduate of DARC. Furthermore, he holds instructor certs in Taser, Low Light (2 Certs), VCQB, RBT, and several others. He is also a Colt AR-15 Armorer and a Glock Advanced Armorer.

  • Roland Deschain



    26 Year Army Special Operations Veteran. Plank-holder Asymmetric Warfare Group. Part time police officer. Player of video games. Creator of the Roland Special.

  • Rick Labistre



    Rick Labistre is a 14 year Army veteran and has served in every position in an Infantry platoon from rifleman to squad leader, as well as scout to platoon sergeant in a light Infantry reconnaissance platoon. He is a 2011 graduate of the ARNG Sniper School and is currently a sniper section leader with the California Army National Guard

  • Scott Jedlinski


    Lifelong martial artist (TKD, Muay Thai, BJJ), no LEO or military experience (save being an Air Force brat), NRA pistol instructor (who isn’t?). I have received previous training from George Wehby of BlackBelt Tactical, Matt Jacques of Victory First, John Murphy of FPF Training, Chris Sizelove of 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, Aaron Brumley of Solo Defense, Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts, Greg Ellifritz of Active Response Training, Pat Goodale and Wayne Fisher of PFT Training, Ernest Langdon of Langdon Tactical and private training with Al DeLeon of the State Dept’s MSD unit.

    I shoot anywhere from 200 to 400 rounds a week. I try to compete three times a month. I train BJJ 2 to 3 times a week. Strength & Mobility training twice a week. I am the 15th recipient of the F.A.S.T. coin.

  • Matt Landfair

    Lead Editor/Contributor


    Active Law Enforcement background since before the turn of the century in the middle of no where. Firearms instructor, armorer, hangs out at DARC, has attended numerous training courses including DARC, Follow Through Consulting, EAG, TMacs, and more boring mandatory popo training you can shake a stick at. He has written for RECOIL Magazine, Breach Bang Clear, Soldier Systems Daily and Monderno. Enjoys long walks on the beach, blah blah blah… Known as Matt Prime or Riafdnal in some circles.

  • Michael Bronson



    Michael Bronson is an OIF (Karbala & Babil Province) & OEF (Arghandab River Valley) Infantry veteran with a FID deployment to Romania. He served as a Breacher, Designated Marksman, and Team Leader.

    He has written for SWAT Magazine, consults for companies in T&E and product improvement, and is currently assigned to a DOD contract providing small arms training to Army personnel.

  • Matt W.


    Matt has served on active duty in the US military since 2009 with a specialty in communications.  He assists in moderation and management of the P&S Facebook groups, P&S website, P&S forum, and P&S media group.