• Jose Gordon

    BTDT. Military action figure since he was born… well since he was 18.

  • Ash Hess

    Senior NCO in the US Army currently serving as the Senior Writer for Small Arms in the Weapons and Gunnery Branch at the Maneuver Center of Excellence Fort Benning, Georgia .
    Army Schools include US Army Master Marksmanship Trainer Course, Rifle Marksmanship Instructor Course, Urban Combat Leaders Course, Air Assault, Rappelmaster, Senior Leaders Course, Army Basic Instructor course, High Angle Marksmanship Course, and Unit Armorer course.

    Has also attended the TigerSwan Basic Carbine course, Defoor Proformance Advanced Carbine and Scoped Rifle courses, Sionics Weapon Systems M4 Armorer course, and the MDTS Practical Small Knife 1course.

    Four combat tours totaling fifty-two months overseas.

  • Mike Lewis

    Retired Senior Noncommissioned Officer of Infantry with 20 years of active service in the United States Army.

    “During my tenure, I was blessed to serve in some of the most storied units in the Army, including the 82nd Airborne Division and the 506th Infantry Regiment (AASLT) (Band of Brothers), and with some of the finest human beings one could know. I have deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan in support of combat operations, served on deployments to Egypt and Saudi Arabia in support of peacekeeping and stability operations, and served on the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). My final assignment in the Army was as the 82nd Airborne Division Small Arms Master Gunner, developing and instituting weapons training, conducting force modernization activities pertaining to small arms weapons and enablers, and consulting with the Maneuver Center of Excellence (Fort Benning, GA) on said subjects. I have attended both shooter and instructor level classes from some of the best trainers in the industry, am an NRA certified instructor, and have conducted firearms training on the civilian market for concerned citizens since 2007.”

  • Raymond Miller


    82nd Airborne Division Small Arms Master Gunner: primary weapons trainer, force modernization for individual weapons, and range liason for the 82nd.

  • Tim Braginton


    Tim is a Sheriff’s Deputy in Northern Nevada; he is a firearms instructor for his agency and works with LMS Defense as a RSO.

  • Sara Westman

    Graphic Design/Contributor

    Illustrator and graphic designer by trade, with firearm illustrations and effective brand consulting, chances are you’ve seen some of Sara of Kitfox Design Group’s work. She is an advocate for ladies concealed carry. Her primary goal in her off time is to encourage women to take their personal protection into their own hands and do so safely. Her biggest pet peeve is being told women should speak softly and carry a revolver

  • Chad Halvorson


    Chad Halvorson was sworn in as a Police Officer in 1994. A patrol officer at heart, he has worked many years in a rural environment as a Deputy Sheriff and a Police Officer. Along with his patrol duties, he also previously spent several years as a point man on the entry team of a SO tactical team with less lethal duties as a secondary assignment. Chad has worked assignments as an arson investigator and in narcotics investigation, and is currently a certified law enforcement instructor in his state. He is certified through them as a firearms instructor as well as an active shooter instructor and in Tactical Response (An academy-level module for patrol officers.). He has experience in instructing areas such as concealed weapons training for citizens, patrol carbine deployment, Active Shooter Event responses and tactics, tactical team tactics, and Use of Force judgment and Scenarios as an Adjunct Instructor at regional law enforcement officer academies. Chad currently has been focused on assisting area LE agencies integrate Active Shooter Event responses with area Fire and EMS responders. Chad has been published in SWAT and continues to ensure his own training stays current with modern TTP’s and mindsets.

  • Matt Meckley



    Joined the Army in 2005. Attended US Army Airborne then moved to Korea under orders to 1/72 B Co were he spent a year as a Bradley Driver after earning his Expert Infantry Badge as an PV2. Under orders he moved to Fort Riley, KS in 2006 as a Specialist to stand up A Co. 2/70th 2nd Brigade. During his time in 2/70th he occupied both Fire Team Leader and Weapons Team Leader positions before deploying to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 2007-2008 were he earned a promotion to Sergeant (E5). Upon returning he was selected as a battalion level asset as a Sniper Team Leader. Was sent to Sniper School at Ft Benning, class 07-10 and passed and deployed to Iraq in 2010-2011 in Support of Operation New Dawn. Attended numerous private training courses while on active duty on own dime from EAG Tactical, Bennie Coolie, Mike Pannone, etc…

    Current Occupation- Designated Marksmen for a US Government Client working High Threat Security in a non permissive environment.

  • Matt Levi



    A small town rural LEO. Matt Has a background in firearms and firearms training, and has been trying to learn from those with more knowledge and experience than he. This has involved recognizing that he needs to attend outside training and has led him to take training with DARC, LMS Defense and others. In addition to his work duties with regards to training, he am currently working on a consulting business in relation to gear, firearms, and training in the use of firearms.

  • Buck Thomas



    Former Infantry jarhead (0311) and Scout Swimmer in an Amphibious Raid unit.
    Spent 11 years deployed as an OCONUS security contractor working PSD/Static/and training and mentoring of host country national security forces contracts.
    2.5 years at a conus training center as the lead firearms instructor/Armorer/and Rangemaster. Also taught Mindset/SUT/PSD formations/immediate action drills/Security and precision driving/etc.
    Has trained with LAV/Pat Rogers/PFT/McMillan sniper school/Cheytac/Gunsite/Frontsite/and others in the civilian sector.
    Is currently writing a book and considering his options for employment which boil down to rolling back OCONUS or a possible career change to a practitioner of the custodial arts in Montana.

    Buck’s experience using AK pattern weapons in a professional capacity spans roughly 20 years. That includes open and closed enrollment training packages both stateside and OCONUS, using them as an issued primary weapon, and having them available for use when issued US Government provided weapons. He has used them in a few dustups in far away lands, trained and mentored people to operate them in combat zones, ran a “Battelfield pickup” program where he inspected, repaired, customized, and readied for service with a minimum of tools over one thousand AK based weapons, lots of which were captured from defeated enemy fighters. He has seen them hit by small arms rounds, frag, burned, and “repaired” by Khyber Pass and Afghan “Gunsmiths” and how that effects them in day to day operations where our guys were averaging three gunfights a week over two and a half years.