Matt Meckley

Primary & Secondary Contributor Matt Meckley12576236_10154131408117069_1647318856_n

Joined the Army in 2005. Attended US Army Airborne then moved to Korea under orders to 1/72 B Co were he spent a year as a Bradley Driver after earning his Expert Infantry Badge as an PV2. Under orders he moved to Fort Riley, KS in 2006 as a Specialist to stand up A Co. 2/70th 2nd Brigade. During his time in 2/70th he occupied both Fire Team Leader and Weapons Team Leader positions before deploying to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 2007-2008 were he earned a promotion to Sergeant (E5). Upon returning he was selected as a battalion level asset as a Sniper Team Leader. Was sent to Sniper School at Ft Benning, class 07-10 and passed and deployed to Iraq in 2010-2011 in Support of Operation New Dawn. Attended numerous private training courses while on active duty on own dime from EAG Tactical, Bennie Coolie, Mike Pannone, etc…

Current Occupation- Designated Marksmen for a US Government Client working High Threat Security in a non permissive environment.


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