Buck Thomas


Former Infantry jarhead (0311) and Scout Swimmer in an Amphibious Raid unit.
Spent 11 years deployed as an OCONUS security contractor working PSD/Static/and training and mentoring of host country national security forces contracts.
2.5 years at a conus training center as the lead firearms instructor/Armorer/and Rangemaster. Also taught Mindset/SUT/PSD formations/immediate action drills/Security and precision driving/etc.
Has trained with LAV/Pat Rogers/PFT/McMillan sniper school/Cheytac/Gunsite/Frontsite/and others in the civilian sector.
Is currently writing a book and considering his options for employment which boil down to rolling back OCONUS or a possible career change to a practitioner of the custodial arts in Montana.

Buck’s experience using AK pattern weapons in a professional capacity spans roughly 20 years. That includes open and closed enrollment training packages both stateside and OCONUS, using them as an issued primary weapon, and having them available for use when issued US Government provided weapons. He has used them in a few dustups in far away lands, trained and mentored people to operate them in combat zones, ran a “Battelfield pickup” program where he inspected, repaired, customized, and readied for service with a minimum of tools over one thousand AK based weapons, lots of which were captured from defeated enemy fighters. He has seen them hit by small arms rounds, frag, burned, and “repaired” by Khyber Pass and Afghan “Gunsmiths” and how that effects them in day to day operations where our guys were averaging three gunfights a week over two and a half years.


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