Pistol 2

Pistol 2 is a fighting class. It builds on the previous skill sets, with the emphasis on multiple hits on single and multiple targets, shooting on the move and strong hand/unsupported shooting. It will include a lowlight shoot on TD1

A previous Pistol 1 or equivalent class is mandatory.
This is not a beginners course. You are expected to be able to manipulate your weapon correctly and shoot accurately.

A serviceable pistol or revolver, .38 Special /9x19mm or larger
5 Magazines / speed loaders
A strong side hip holster. Inside the waistband holsters, shoulder holsters and fanny packs not permitted
A magazine pouch to hold at least two magazines
Serviceable flashlight with spare batteries is required. A weapon mounted white light recommended
Minimum of one (1) chem lite (red or green – preferably not blue)
Eye and ear pro



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