Zeroing Red dot on a ahotgun

Any advice or best practices for zeroing a shotgun with a MRDS on it?

More specifically I have a pair of 1301 tacticals with a RMR and a Holosun 503c respectively.

I am running 9 pellet flite control and I have federal slugs as well but will be really just running the flite control.

Thanks in advance.

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My advice for what it's worth...

Zero with slugs at 25 yds and then see where the 9 pellet hits... It should be very close or the same.
My experience with my 870 was Federal low recoil slugs zeroed at 25 yards gave the same POI as eight-pellet Flite Control at the same distance. I’d give it a try.

Barry B

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I have an 870 and 1301, POI with FED FC 8 pellet / 9 pellet and slugs is almost same impact from 5 yds to 25 yds. If you get pics of targets, post them.


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Ditto on slugs at 25 is a good balance for shooting both slugs and buck.


Timely thread, I zeroed a RDS equipped shotgun yesterday and went with the info posted here.

First shot at 25 was low, adjusted elevation on the Holosun 509T and the results followed what has been posted here.

Ammo used here was Winchester rifled slugs @1600 fps and Fiocchi Exacta 9 pellet @1325

I did see a POI/POA difference between Rottweil Blitz slugs and Fiocchi Defense Dynamics 9 pellet.

The Fiocchi DD patterned well.

Shotgun is a Charles Daly (Turknelli) 601 DPS.



Little late to the party, but my experiences are about the same. I carry 1600fps slugs and zero at 50 yds. I've had no issues with this at all for using buck within 25. This makes me feel a little better about taking possible slug shots out to 100.