Zeroing Browning X-Bolt

So I'm new to shooting at distance with a larger caliber rifle. Most of my experience lies in military shooting M4/M16/AR's and zeroing at 25 yards.

I picked up a Browning Hell's Canyon Speed X-Bolt in .308 WIN and mounted a Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x50 on top in a set of direct mounted Leupold high rings. I'm not sure as to what ammo I'm going to run through it yet, but it'll more than likely be the 150 grain Hornady that the LGS has.

From doing some digging around I figure that zeroing at 100 yards is the preferred method, but I can't find a decent target to use. I was looking at this one from Kinetic Consulting:

Thanks in advance for the help!
That target would work fine. I like targets with a defined point to hold the crosshairs on and sharp contrast. Generally yes, 100 yards is a good distance. Wind doesn't play a big factor at that range.