Zen Breathing Session - Range Visit


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FC02537E-F316-4A0E-B00B-A5D62632A359.jpegMyself and a couple of mates had a wonderful Zen Breathing session.
It’s been a bit since I’ve been able to get to the range.

Today, I was able to try out a new toy I’ve been waiting 13 months for: a Warwick WFLA1 in .223.
For all you international readers, it should be noted that this is a straight-pull bolt action rifle, designed and made locally here in Australia.

We were planning on attending the main SSAA complex at Belmont, but new noise abatement measures preclude any centre fire rifle barrel less than 20 inches. Unfortunately, I happen to possess a 16in barrel….

So we went round to the 25m zero range in the QRA complex. And much zen meditation was had.
I was able to get a rough zero at 25m, but need to stretch her legs out to confirm and tidy it up.

She’ll do. I’m pretty happy with this as a range rifle/range toy.
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