Zebralight experiences/ quality/ reliability?

Looking at their 90 degree 18650 lights. I like the warm hi CRI LEDs they offer and the ability to use as a headlamp seems handy. My personal use will be at work inspecting basements/attics and dark outbuildings, and maybe I'll like it as a regular carry light, though I dislike my current 1" bodied light for pocket carry.

Looking sorry short, I hadn't heard of them until I started looking for an angled light for hands free use, but it seems like they've been around a while.
Have they been good to you?
Did you run them in a hard use?
Are they worth 90 bucks?
Is an 18650 to big or heavy for a headlamp?


Thanks as always!


I ran a AA head lamp of theirs for years hunting in Alaska (to keep same batteries as my gps). It is fantastic. Can't comment on the heavier battery version, but I'd buy from them again for sure.


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I have their AA version and 18650 version. Both great lights that have held up to abuse. I use them everyday working as a fire equipment mechanic. They also have some pretty neat programming but I havent messed with that side enough to comment.

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I bought a ZebraLight headlamp solely on the recommendation of Andrew Herrington of BigPig Outdoors out of Tennessee (BTW, awesome dude, very, very knowledgeable - lots of woods experience, prior LE, gun guy, BJJ guy - train with him if you get the chance). He recommended the light while talking about some personal gear at a cold weather/winter survival course I attended a few years ago. I think I've had the light for several (3ish) years now and it's been great. It's held up very well and I've used it hard - and a lot - in rough conditions.

I depend on headlamps daily (nightly?) on my little farm, and the ZebraLight keeps ticking right beside my Petzls, Black Diamonds, and PrincetonTecs. I've met/seen a lot of long distance hikers carrying them on trails too, reportedly because they're so light and durable.

I like the fact that they're light, and that mine runs off of a single CR123 battery - which is good for me logistically due to the fact that the "EDC" Surefire that's always in my pocket and all my weapon lights run on the same thing. I don't know the model number of what I've got. I'll attach a pic and if I can find what model it is, I'll post it later.



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ZebraLight Model# H32 is what I've got - Runs on a single CR123. Looks like they go for about $65 most places online. Thumbs up from me.
Thanks for replying yetisam, jbravo and firefixer. Sounds like a good product for my expected uses.

ZebraLight Model# H32 is what I've got - Runs on a single CR123. Looks like they go for about $65 most places online. Thumbs up from me.
How long have you been running this light?

I'm going to green light this purchase but if anyone else has reviews of this brand in the future please share them here.