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Your carry/Self Defense ammo issued/choice?

Discussion in 'Ammunition' started by Eagle1, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. Dr. Cornwallis

    Dr. Cornwallis Regular Member

    I carry 147gr HST in my G19, my carbine gets 75gr TAP, however, I’m looking at replacing the 75gr BTHP TAP with some type of barrier blind round since over penetration is not a concern for me and a barrier blind round would give greater versatility.

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  2. I also carry 147 grain HSTs in a CZ-75b, though I have carried g2 gold dots and when I had a .38 (and I might again) I carried 158 grain lead semi wadcutter +P hollowpoints.

    After reading morgue reports I tend to prefer momentum, and more penetration, as well as the ability to make more follow up shots in a pistol then relying on something with a smoking hot (handgun) velocity.
  3. Issued 147 grain gold dots at work. But there’s a mix of gold dots and HST floating around. I think the consensus is we are supposed to switching to the HST.

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  4. CS0817

    CS0817 Newbie

    For my CCW, i use Winchester 147gr RA9T, I change out my carry ammo every birthday. I have M855 because it's inexpensive and readily available. I will be evaluating (cost and availability) different barrier blind loads that Doc GKR has recommended.

    MOLON_LABE Regular Member

    124 grain Speer Gold Dot 9x19
    77 grain SMKHP IWI 5.56

    124 grain +P HST 9x19
    45 grain Frang. Winchester 5.56

    I was residing in a townhome with people on all sides, this in my mind at the time justified my choice for a frangible rifle round. Since then I have moved to a more rural setting, and been educated a bit on rifle ammunition by some of the P&S Mod Casts on duty/SD ammunition.

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  6. DanM

    DanM Newbie

    Issued: 230gr Speer Gold Dot standard pressure
    Off duty: whatever 9mm load from Doc’s list I can find the cheapest per case. Currently it’s Federal HST 124gr +P

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  7. C Walley

    C Walley Newbie

    My main CCW is a G26 that I load with 124 gr HST standard pressure ammo. Am I giving up much by using this load versus the 147 gr HST standard pressure load since this is a shorter barreled pistol?
  8. MojoNixon

    MojoNixon Member

    I think it depends on if you want penetration or expansion. The 147 I think will give you slightly less penetration but slightly greater expansion over the 124 load out of shorter barrels.
    I would opt for the 147. I carry it in both my G19 and LC9. Either load though is a good choice. It’s not like one really has”more death power” than the other.
  9. Chaucer

    Chaucer Newbie

    Barnes Tac XPD 115 gr +P. On Doc's list and ticks some good boxes on barrier blind tests.

    That super cool new trend of losers driving cars through large crowds had me take barrier blindness much, much more seriously. Especially for my specific duty needs.

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  10. C Walley

    C Walley Newbie

    Thanks Mojo. I ordered some of the 147 gr HST's to try. I'm curious to see how the recoil impulse differs from the 124's.
  11. MojoNixon

    MojoNixon Member

    My experience tells me the 124’s are more of a snappy impulse and the 147’s are more of a thump straight back.
    I feel 147’s are more easily controlled than 124’s.
    Report back here your experiences, please.

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