YHM Pin and Weld

Has anyone mounted any of the YHM QD mounts to a 14.5? I'm trying to figure out if there is enough room behind the locking collar to pin and weld


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Not me, but if you search about you'll find others have discussed doing it successfully on other forums. Apparently, yes, there's enough room to work with.

There's a spring in there, so one hint seems to be to remove the snap ring and spring, put it back once installed so you don't overheat those springy bits.
Hopefully this post isn't too necro for the thread.

I just pin and welded a YHM QD to my 14.5 today. Drilled a 1/8" hole on the flat side of the mount and arc welded the pin. Not the prettiest of welds but it will do the job if questioned. Can send a picture of it if interested.