X300U A on a springfield LB operator

I just traded for a X300U A for on my LB operator, When mounted it has a pretty good amount of play. its not horrible but it moves back and forth. unfortunately I didnt get any of the extra paddles or parts for it in the trade. should I have held out for a X300B. Surefire is going to send me a picatinny paddle for it but ideally, should I have went with the B?


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I have wobble on some of my glock rails and I ended up using ductape to eliminate the wobble. I will post pics later.

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I ended up getting a trade for my x300U-A for a x-300U-B... now I just need to get home and see if the universal cross member works or if I need to switch to the one for picatinny. does it even matter? I figured if it has any play front to back like my A model did ill need to switch it.
I got the x300U-B and put the picatinny cross member on, it had not play, even before I tightened it down. I appreciate all the help and info. I really like the TLR I have just always stuck with surefire.