Winchester PDX1 Buck/Slug Combo gimmicks...Is there any redeeming feature?


I'm not a hater or a complete novice, but I certainly don't run as deep into the shotgun game as some of y'all do.

Recently, this got brought up to me for my opinion:

Experience leads me to believe this is pure gimmick with no redeeming factors. Primarily because:
- It loses the benefits of a slug due to the 3 pellets becoming errant and making this unsuitable for range...this first and foremost puts it out of the running for me. 1/2 the number of wound channels or less compared to a good buckshot round.

- While this is a guess, the pattern, accuracy, and/or velocity may have to suffer for all or some of these projectiles as we have learned that small things like loading (#pellets, type of buffer/cup, etc) seems to matter significantly.

Other than its probably more terminal that birdshot, any of you scatter-gunners got anything to say on its behalf before it gets the thumbs-down and dismissal as gimmicky bullshit?


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You summed it up pretty well, increased liability with decreased performance/accuracy. I cannot see any situation where this load would be beneficial and I will do my best to not post when I am half asleep.

Barry B

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Agree. Gimmick. Run quality slugs, or FED Flight Control - THAT YOU HAVE PATTERNED - in every gun you will run it in. I pattered both of my shotguns with the slugs/00 I run, at 5, 12, 25 yards.

Rob Hart

Gimmick. I say that as someone that fell for the gimmick. Instead of the best of both worlds, you in fact end up with the worst of both worlds.