Which RMR ready model PPQ?


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So I am thinking about buying one of Walther PPQ pistols for my next purchase(and yes, this is partly from the various times of exposure on P&S, and also trying to support the shops that support the network) . Lord knows I don't need another Glock, but the older I get the more I really like an RMR on my pistol. I also really like the low frustration experience of putting together a RMR on a Glock MOS(with the help of the $16 Amazon kit).
It appears that Walther is offering 2 models of PPQ RMR ready pistols........the Q5 match and the Q4 TAC? My initial questions are :
Are there any other 9mm RMR ready models?
Of the models offered, what are the strengths of each model over the others?
Thanks for the help and advice!

Matt Landfair

Matt Six Actual
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As of now IIRC those are the two - but - you will lose rear irons unless you get it milled.