Which Plate Carrier?

I no longer professionally wear a plate carrier, so take this for what it is. I noticed some serious deficiencies with my army issued ITOV, IBA, and even the plate carriers. I've run a Shellback tactical banshee in light usage for training, ruck marches, and in competition to get the "cobwebs" out. It also came in fairly handy for a TMACS course as well. I've seen no signs of degradation, and it is much more comfortable than any issued gear I've ever worn! Do your own research as well, but so far I can recommend this one.
Crye JPC.
- Shoulderstaps made of hypalon simply dissaper when shouldering rifle or shooting prone
- They also dont get in the way when presenting a handgun.
- The shoulderstaps are set wide so they dont rub on your neck like an LBT 6094
- Built in triple mag shingle and the cummerbund velcro flap is easy to open/close even with fully loaded mags
- Light weight at less than 1.5lbs for the medium PC and cummerbund - this is like 2lbs lighter than many carriers 2LBS!!
- Light but stiff cummerbund with several options for side armor carry
- Very breathable
- Just simple
- All this for $250 is an insane value
- I hope they keep the original JPC as I think the JPC 2.0 is losing the plot a bit with its complexity
Solid piece of kit. I can’t decide if I want old gen or new.

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Solid piece of kit. I can’t decide if I want old gen or new.

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I had to turn in my AVS system when I left my last unit and I will pick up a JPC 2.0 here shortly. The ability to utilize the zip on backpanels as well as swap out front flaps between 5.56 and .308 gives me more versatility. I used the AVS with the harness system stripped off (just front/back plate bags and cummerbund ) which is as close as I could approximate to a JPC. If you dont need those capabilities save the money and go with the 1.0.



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I have an RBAV SF that i keep in my closet, with ICW plates and SAS Kevlar.

RBAV is great as the medium can be sinched down and does not deform, wish i had it in small but oh well. (Set up as a 556 platform)

My RRV is in my jeep. Have it rigged for quick donning but its front only. (Also 556)

My MBAV requires soft and hard plates, bought it as the RBAV at 8500 feet is kinda intense. It will be my under the bed vest. (Going to get a Q honey bader, so STANAG as well)

I also have a HSGI Weesatch that needs plates, its going to by my authorized alternative PC for Guardsmen duty. (Built in mag space)

Looking at a WAS LPV V1 /S&S /Matbock /JPC 2.0 type vest next.
I've been hearing a lot from trusted friends lately about the TYR Pico and after doing some research, this seems to be the best available option for those requiring a duty carrier and/or not worried about a budget. I've known about it for maybe 6 months, but it combines the best features of all other carriers I've seen/tried and is worth checking out.

I love my LBT 6094 and I don't see myself getting something else until I'm given something "better". It's the only one I've ever worn that I deem capable of comfortably carrying a "heavy" and "light" load. Running just 3-5 mags, med, and limited tools w/o shoulder pads, it feels similar to a JPC. On the flip side, I can throw the shoulder pads on and put anything I need within reason and remain fairly comfortable. Loading down a JPC (which appears to be the standard) due to requirements was a suckfest.