Which can for a lefty

Hello all,

I'm new to the forum, but have watched the modcasts etc. for awhile. I am thinking about taking the NFA plunge and picking up a suppressor. I've only fired a handful of rounds through one before at this point so haven't really seen the impacts of gas to the face of a lefty before.

All things being equal I would prefer to have a Surefire can but I have been debating going with an OSS specifically to limit the amount of gas to the face. So my questions are: Any lefties that have run Surefire cans? How annoying is the gas, is the OSS significantly better to warrant going that route?

Also if it helps I would likely run this on a 16" BCM midlength and a 11.5" BCM

Thanks for any help anyone can provide!
What type of shooting are you doing? What do you want your can to do well, what isn’t important? There are a variety of ways to reduce blowback none of which will eliminate it, more of suppress it (pun intended). Shorter cans will have less blowback so keep that in mind. If this is a first can I’d recommend a rugged radiant as it’s 30 cal and modular. I have a couple sf and it’s just not... worth it. OSS hasn’t blown my skirt up, I’ve tried to like them so many times and it’s just not as great as it’s made out to be.
Thanks for the reply. The suppressor certainly doesn't need to be the quietest on the market. I'm primarily looking for relatively light, relatively short, with a decent muzzle device. I don't often find myself doing multiple mag dumps or anything like that but beign a lefty my main priority is probably preventing gas blowback when shooting rapidly
Also this would primarily be for a 5.56 but I intend to get whatever I go with in .30 cal for more versatility and I am assuming in giving up some sound suppression you would also be improving the blowback situation


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Some .30 cal cans have the ability to put a 5.56 end cap on to catch that little bit of gas that would come out of a .30 cal hole.
We issue the surefire can on BCM 11.5s. Maybe I'm a wuss, but it's an awful experience. I have T&E'd the OSS and there was much less gas in the face. It would be the can I chose for anything more than plinking.

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Lefty shooter here. I also owned a 16"middy BCM for years, and I also have an upper with an 11.5 BCM upper. In the 11.5, I actually am using the Bootleg adjustable carrier, and I have been very happy with how well it works. I have tested it with even an Vltor A5H3 buffer, law folder (extra weight to the reciprocating weight), and Sprinco Green spring and still get complete reliability with bolt lock back. If you are going to stick with the standard carrier, basically you will need to balance (among other things) how well it suppresses down-range (through the can) vs. backpressure. I use a Sandman S and K on my 11.5. The K is still pretty loud, but I'm always wearing ears when shooting anyways, so it isn't bad at all. The K really cuts down on the concussion from an SBR, and even with a standard carrier, the gas back in your face isn't bad at all. I also have an original Saker 556 with the keymount, and the tighter diameter (5.56 vs 7.62), does lead to a noticeable increase in gas to the face. As with everything, there is no free lunch, and you have to weigh your priorities. Consider, among other things,

mounting system
flash reduction
POI shift
noise reduction