Where are all the Custom Works P320 FCUs?


We had a tiny batch of Custom Works P320 FCUs come onto the market in December and nothing since... What gives?

Can we expect some more any time soon? Yes, $300 is a lot, but it's still better than the insane prices the fudds are charging (and paying) on Gunbroker.


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Probably the same thing that’s happening to every gun right now, they’re selling out as soon as they get stocked. Sig says they’re still pumping them out along with the rest of the P320 line


Market run. Demand increases, supply cannot keep up, people panic and increase demand even more. It'll pass eventually.


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Demand is through the roof and, at least from what I've seen in our shop, Sig has done an even less admirable job trying to keep up this past year compared to other manufacturers.