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What's the best?

Discussion in 'Armor' started by William Kadar, May 19, 2017.

  1. William Kadar

    William Kadar Newbie

    What's the best armor money can buy?
  2. Riafdnal

    Riafdnal Matt Six Actual Staff Member Administrator Moderator

    What threats are you facing?
  3. 275RLTW

    275RLTW Regular Member

    The presidential limo.
  4. voodoo_man

    voodoo_man Regular Member

    I raise you an underground missile silo with air and land automated defenses.
  5. Bushido5150

    Bushido5150 Newbie

    I'll ask basically the same question but with a little bit more focus.

    I am looking to upgrade from steel plates to ceramics or something else a lot lighter.
    The primary function will be for a active shooter/armed suspect call outs for road patrol officer.
    Threats are too varied and random to pin down but it could be anything from a .22 to a 45-70 or whatever else.

    The biggest thing is cutting the weight and maintaining protection.

  6. MrMurphy

    MrMurphy Regular Member

    As i found out the hard way..... if rapid on off is a probability GET TUBES.
  7. Bushido5150

    Bushido5150 Newbie

    Not following...tubes?
  8. molonedlabia

    molonedlabia Newbie

  9. molonedlabia

    molonedlabia Newbie

    There is a theory of trifecta that has been disseminated through wise individuals including frequent mods/contributors here. Three concepts, but you only get to pick two. Weight, protection, and price. Pick two the left out one is your down side. Velocity makes a good plate, but you will pay for it with the schmackos.
  10. 275RLTW

    275RLTW Regular Member

    Unless you get your stuff issued. Then price is no longer an issue.
  11. molonedlabia

    molonedlabia Newbie

    True man, Bushido's question just seemed to fall more within that individual purchase realm than a team/unit/department. Sorry for omitting, that was what my answer was more predicated on.
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  12. Bushido5150

    Bushido5150 Newbie

    You are pretty much spot on. My department will allow me to have and use rifle plates, but they will not provide them. I bought steel last year but after feeling the weight difference between steel and ceramics I have to make a change.
  13. MrMurphy

    MrMurphy Regular Member

    I went through AT armor wuth an LWPC and lvl 3 plates. Same reason. Authorized not issued. I am neither young or skinny anymore, i will pay more for less weight. Only thing i wish I'd done was get a FS carrier, Tubes are stupid fast. I'm upgrading my cummerbund when i have the $$.
  14. Mike Erickson

    Mike Erickson Amateur

    Price can be an issue for issued gear as well. My request to get MTEK helmets for SWAT was shot down.
  15. Boy Scout

    Boy Scout Member

    I feel that pain. I'm rolling in 10 year old SAPIs with an equally old Diamondback PC. I'm just trying to put food on the table. Seeing if I can save up and get one of the SKD Slickster.1 packages, that's a heckuva deal...
  16. William Kadar

    William Kadar Newbie

    Probably for home defense. Price is not an issue. What's the most capable?
  17. molonedlabia

    molonedlabia Newbie

    As stated before Velocity seems to have garnered a following among people who are working. Caveats though man, everything is defeatable and has limits. White box winchester will eat ceramic for breakfast. If you're looking for more coverage check out the Crye LVS.

    Not trying to defecate on your parade here, but you realize for your armor plan to work you need to be wearing it. Example- Bedside middle of the night, don vest get to work- ok maybe, but that is a lot of moving parts in a highly fluid problem. Also if you feel you're a real target of something more specialized than just your run of the mill home invasion rest assured you will be at your most vulnerable when the action takes place. So what I'm getting at is are you planning on having a vest in every area you frequent in your home? Shitter vest, couch vest, bed vest, kitchen vest, etc? I'm not trying to lecture you either, so don't take it that way I am genuinely curious to your shtf plan for home defense involving a vest.

    To address your main question in short without the pedantry- Check out AT Armor they usually have VS stuff in.
  18. William Kadar

    William Kadar Newbie

    I will check out VS but I plan to have at least a vest next to my bed. I want to give myself the best chance and advantage.
  19. Michael Ray

    Michael Ray Amateur

    @MrMurphy or anyone else running an LWPC: Have any of you adapted the FS cummerbund with Tubes to the Velocity LWPC? If so, how'd it work out? That's my current duty carrier (also sourced from AT) and the Tubes look like the way to go. I'm not full on decided to go that route, because quick on/off is currently more of a want than a need; just curious.

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