What other podcast do you listen to besides P&S


I am only going to list the firearms related podcasts here.

The Weekly Reload
Guns Guide to Liberals (if it ever comes back)
Some recent additions to my rotation:

With Deadly Force- Episodes are pretty infrequent but worth seeking out. Scott Reitz needs no introduction and his guests are very, very useful to listen to, especially if you are interested in the roots of what we do now. The episode on movie gun safety, with two actual film company armorers is pure gold.

That Weems Guy- Lee Weems is a long-time cop, trainer and cohort of a bunch of smart people in the business. He has great guests and lots of very good discussions on guns, training, and how we got to where we are. He's been doing a deep dive on the Modern Technique of the Pistol and the history of the people who developed it.


Practically Tactical and P&S are my primary go too podcasts for skillset podcasts.

Everything else is usually related to my other hobbies like Air Combat Sim Podcast, Low Level Hell, Fighter Pilot Podcast and C&Rsenal's patreon podcast.
Used to be a big fan of Team Never Quit podcast. Once David Rutherford left (he was very charismatic, "exciting" voice), I couldn't listen day in and out of Marcus Luttrell's voice. Definitely inspiring stories, but very sleepy to drive to sometimes.

That Shooting Show by Steve Anderson - Great for USPSA/competitive shooting. He is very inspiring and truly has a voice for the radio that will wake you up, and even make you laugh.