What other podcast do you listen to besides P&S

Ballistic Radio, with John Johnston. He has interesting guests, with some P&S crossover.

The American Warrior Society podcast with Mike Seeklander, which tends to have a competitive shooting focus, as well mindset and tactics, and the Team VTAC podcast, with Kyle Lamb.


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Ten Eight Podcast - I'm a cop and it's funny as hell has good stuff on mental health for our field too.
Dan Carllin's Hardcore History
Specific episodes of Civilian Carry Radio, their recent multi-part series on domestic violence was very interesting.
Last podcast on the left (true crime and paranormal)
Modern samurai
Be Effective Podcast (great LEO mental and physical fitness)
The Memory Palace (not work related but great for switching off on the way home)
Last podcast on the left (true crime and paranormal)
Modern samurai
Be Effective Podcast (great LEO mental and physical fitness)
The Memory Palace (not work related but great for switching off on the way home)

I like The Be Effective podcast.
I also listen to Endless Endeavor w/ Greg Anderson, Andy Stump Cleared Hot, Dan Crenshaw We Hold These Truths, and certain Jocko or Black Rifle Coffee depending on if I like the guest.

I also listen to (but not lately) Chasing Excellence and The Michael Caz (formally Brute Strength).

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I've been a fan of the JRE for a long time. I like to listen from an extremely wide selection of viewpoints on everything.
Meat Eater is a great podcast for those who like hunting and the outdoors experiences
Dan Carlin's Hardcore History (Second this) best historical podcast of all times


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Lately I have been listening to a lot of Firearms Nation, but in not particular order:
Perfect Double (Make Ready) Podcast
Modern Samurai Project
Fieldcraft Survival
Modern Day Sniper
Plus JRE on occasion


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Quantified Performance
Ballistic Radio w/ John Johnston. I would definitely recommend the William Aprill episodes if nothing else
Josh Froelich's Addicted
The Wanted Podcast (Couple of bounty hunters down in GA sharing their escapades)
The VTac Podcast
Guns Guide to Liberals if @JonHauptman and @SarahHauptman ever launch season 2!:p (I know I know, Enigmas and shit)
The Modern War Institute Podcast and the Urban Warfare Project if you like listening to scholarly types talk about war fighting
There's a few others but less religiously


Ones that are similar to P&S?

University of Badassery
Fieldcraft Survival
Presscheck Consulting on Patreon
Varg Freeborn on Patreon
Practically Tactical (Patreon feed)
Ballistic Radio (John Johnston)
MagLife Podcast (Daniel Shaw and Varg Freeborn)
Modern Samurai Project Podcast

Those are the ones I listen to regularly. I'll also occasionally listen to:
That Shooting Show (Steve Anderson)
Crime Junkie
The Art of Manliness Podcast
The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast
I lean heavily into Political YouTube channels/podcasts.

I listened to in no specific order
Jordan Peterson
Dave Rubin
Dan Bongino
Joe Robinet
Dave Canterbury
Firearms Coalition
Coleman Hughes
Larry Elder
Louder w/ Crowder
Garand Thumb
Joe Malovich
Joe Rogan
Bill Burr
Colion Noir

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit (IRAQVETERAN8888)
Meat Eater Podcast (Steve Rinella)
Reloading Podcast
Concealed Carry Podcast


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I wanted to add a couple I've added since my post in January.

JRE, like many others. He's a great interviewer but I'm selective on which guests I listen in on.
Street Cop Training podcast has lead me down some deep Google Scholar rabbit holes as I chase down case law
Cleared Hot with Andy Stumpf.


In no particular order

Practical Shooting After Dark - Good info and entertainment, I like Stoeger's sense of humor
Training Group Live - Much more on the informational side, mainly hosted by Joel Park
The History of Rome - I'm up to the Second Samnite War, good listening for repetitive tasks
Revolutions - Covers various revolutions throughout history, working my way through the Russian revolution
Hardcore History - Dan Carlin's history podcast, we should be due for the next installment of Supernova in the East soon
Forehead Fables - Pure entertainment, I think they're funny guys, the John McAfee episode was legendary