What Non-Profits do you support?


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What non-profits do you support and why do you support them?

The latest podcast got me thinking about non-profit groups and which ones to support. I am curious what groups others have chosen and why they chose the ones they did?

For me it started a few years ago. I used to be a big WWP supporter, but then I started to wonder about the organization (how it was run, where the money was actually going, etc) and started looking for other places that I thought would benefit more from my support. I took a carbine class around that time, and the instructor was a big fan of both the Special Operations Wounded Warriors and the Green Beret Foundation. The Instructor said that he trusted both operations and where they put the money, and that was good enough for me. I have been making my small donations to both for a few years now, and even have the GBF as the charity for the Amazon Smile program.
Recently, I have also added the Operation Warriors Heart Foundation to list of supported organizations. I like what they do, and whom they do it for. I trust the people who recommend supporting them. For me, I don't have a big budget to donate, so the trust I put in the people who reccomend organiztions to support is a huge factor. For me, this trust is critical, and once it is gone it is hard to get back.

So what groups do you support and why? How did you find out about them? What criteria do you use to decide which to support? What kind of trust do you require to start supporting these organizations? Do you link them to your Amazon Smile program, or a local grocery store donation program, or just yearly or re-occuring monthly donation?
Navy Relief is what I always love to support. They are there to help young Sailors and Marines when nobody else will with money to get home for emergencies etc.

'A $25 donation can provide the material cost of one sight restoring surgery.' Why? I believe in what they are doing, treating preventable blindness. We are visual beings and without sight, in many parts of the world, that means death or being completely taken advantage of, which still happens here don't get me wrong but it's something I can get behind.