What is the process in turning an M14 into a usable DMR?

We have seven or eight DRMO M-14's. Each went through various permutations as recounted by others, usually by whatever supervisor was visited by the good idea fairy at the time. There are a couple with Troy MBR chassis, a couple with some other version, a couple of red-dots, a couple of magnified optics. Finally, the major in charge of SWAT decided he wanted them all for "man tracker" guns, whatever the heck that meant. Never been so glad to issue a bunch of stuff out of the armory and wish them luck on their "man tracking".

We had an OIS where we had a deputy die in the line of duty. SWAT was armed with MP5's at the time, and the killer stood them off in a prepared hide with a Mini-14. Two other officers were injured. Finally, the SWAT team from the county to the south of us rolled in with a M113 and G-3's and "attempted to apprehend" the individual. They were unsuccessful in apprehending him, but very successful in stopping him from creating more carbon dioxide. After that, there was a big push in the agency to "gun up". SWAT went to .45 Glocks, Colt M4's, and Benellis of some variety. Patrol got .357 Sigs, DRMO M-16's, and everyone had to have a shotgun in the car. I see why SWAT wants 7.62x51's, but I'm thinking there are lots of better options.
Having owned many m1a variants and every quality civi available variant 762 rifle out there I settled on the POF Revolution (piston). It replaced my gas jet tuned Scar 17. Using a Trijicon ta11J 308 it is giving slightly better accuracy at ~1.5” groups at worst with quality German surplus or 125gr hand loads and better reliability with a compact 762 can mounted full time.
So the way I understand it is we modernized the M1 rifle into the M14 to compete with the Soviet AK rifle and didn’t quite get there and switched to something better when we saw the need to in the 1960’s. Now we want to make it into a precision unit with known accuracy degradation issues from normal use. I own two m1a’s. They are over weight, over priced, harder hitting AK’s in my opinion. Trying to push them into a precision rifle role seems foolhardy. It would make a great episode of “junkyard wars” if they were a gun based show not something to be considered for serious work.
They are fun blasters to tinker with on the hobby level if you are into that and would be better than a pistol in a fight but that is true of most long guns. Trying to maintain a fleet of them sounds a little masochistic.
That said I like the ones I own and will keep them but I know there plsce.