What is the average range for a shotgun?

It varies heavily as it depends on choke, ammo, and barrel length/velocity.

A tighter construction choke (full) increases range vs lower constriction (cylinder)

Example most geese hunters with a 28” 3 1/2” will say 70 yards is about max effective range.

I’ve seen 3gun guys hit steel at 75 yards with buckshot.
It depends on your load. My department in training routinely shoot LE127RS out to 100 yards with rifle sighted smooth bore 870 barrels. Or Benelli M1 super 90s with ghost ring sights.The instructors routinely push out to150 yards or more with ghost ring sights or rifle sights. The targets are full sized iron maidens.
We have found that 35 yards is about the max distance for federal LE132 00 where you can keep all 9 pellets on a full sized iron maiden. The barrel would be a smooth bore 870 barrel no choke with rifle sights. I have had a few fluke shots doing demos where I managed to place 7 to 8 pellets on the iron maiden at 50 yards
We are looking to mounting cowitnessed red dot sights on old 870 magnums and wingmasters. I have been able to get consistent hits at 200 yards with that set up.


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At 25 meters, I am getting 12" patterns from my Benelli M4 Entry using LE133 00. Out to 75 yards, I can manage 1 pellet on steel, per trigger pull, on 2/3 IPSC steel. At 100 yards, I average 1 pellet on steel every 2-3 trigger pulls.

Using slugs, at 50 yards day or night under NODS, I am 100% confident in a hit from LE127RS slug on this steel from any position. At 75 yards, I drop to around 80% confident or so standing unsupported. Past 75 yards, the low recoil slugs don't do the best, IMO, and I switch to Fiocchi Aero 1oz full power slugs, which from prone or seated will put them on the 2/3 IPSC steel nearly every trigger pull. Standing, I'm usually 3-4 out of 5.