What is new guys!?

Hey, just figured I'd create a thread specifically for shooting the shit in general discussions. I gave the facebook up about a year ago now, and really dont miss anything but the P&S content, and interaction with reasonable individuals. So i figured after the past year it would be kinda cool to catch up in all da gunz community and see how you folks are doin.

Shoutout to Jason Seehafer, Frank Woods, Matt Landfair, Mike Lewis, Ash Hess, Billy Blowers and the rest of the content creators i love followin.

Best wishes folks.
Generally I would say its just a little snappier on activity. It's easy and the path of least resistance so thats what folks use.

Maybe one of the biggest differences is that people can use the same account to access different groups. IE lightfighter requires a seperate login and credentials to access than the P&S forums.

Not worth the trouble to me though.
I'd want to establish a home-based web company, and I was hoping to get some advice or suggestions from the community on what kinds of things people are interested in seeing here. Is there anybody who has any suggestions???