What are you using for an IFAK


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RP/OP4 ..I have a HSGI Bleeder pouch on a PIG UCR:

There's duct tape and 2nd Izzy bandage in the radio pouch. Currently, there is a DARK on the way to replace this one.


When I am working plain clothes or uniform I always have a Tac Med Solutions ankle med kit on my left ankle
My Duty Belt has an OLEAS bandage and zfold combat gauze crammed in a 511 flashbang pouch I had lying around. I used a silver sharpie to put a medic cross on the outside of the pouch. I also have a CAT either on my vest or in my cargo pocket.

My SWAT belt has an ATS tear off with OLEAS, combat gauze, NPA, 14ga angiocath, chest seals, SOF-W
My PC has an HSGI Bleeder with OLEAS, combat gauze, NPA, and shears. I also have an SOF-W on the front of the PC.

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Plainclothes: "custom" job wallet with H&H mini dressing, CGLE, hydrogel seals, and gloves.

Uniform: H&H T-FAK in my trauma plate pouch and a CAT in 1110 kydex on the belt.
*uniform for me means I'm working an off - duty detail*

MOLLE external armor vest has an Eagle IFAK from NAR and CAT in a First Spear pouch.

SWAT belt has an OSOE belt mounted small tearaway in the small of the back with OLAES, Hyfins, CGLE, NPA, and 14 Gauge needle, with a CAT bungied horizontal at 11:30. I have two more CATs in my PC cummerbund along with a first line treatment pouch.

Work uses CATs so I keep CATs on work gear. I use SOFT-W elsewhere.


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On my duty belt. BFG Boo Boo pouch with SWAT-T, QC Gauze and H&H Gauze. I will carry a CAT when I am wearing pants with cargo type pocket. I had either a CAT or SOF-T on my belt at one point in a custom holder but pulled it until I could come up with a better way to carry it.



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3 year update....
I am now working as a Rangemaster/RSO at a 60 table rifle/pistol outdoor shooting range. I like to have a kit on me all the times, to be able to respond quickly to an incident, possibly a GSW.
I have been using a small Dark Angel Micro kit in a Mean Gene pouch for the past year. This has been working well for me, but I recently wanted to put more resources on/into the kit. I have found that larger kits around my ankle or on my belt tend not to work well for a 10 hour day of walking the line, so I started working with getting something together for the cargo pocket area. The goal was a pouch that I can easily load in/out of pants (or shorts) with a cargo pocket, durable to hold things together, and is comfortable for a full work day.
Cargo pockets are sometimes under uilized, and this seemed to provide the best opportunity to develop a kit (that works well for a 10 hour day, slips easily into/out of a cargo pocket (3-4 times a week), and composed of items that could be ordered off of Amazon or Fleabay, for a reasonable price).
The bag that holds it all together is a 6" x 8" Shure microphone bag that I got off of Fleabay for $5. The 6"x8" size seemed to be about the largest size that would slip in and out of the cargo area pocket easily(loaded), the Naugahyde material seems to be durable, and the zipper, while not heavy duty, seems to work well.
These are the current contents purchased mostly from Amazon:
1. 6" Izzy bandage....$8
2. QC gauze.....$20
3. HyFin seal....$16
4. H&H compressed guaze....$5
5. Shears....$5
6. Recon TQ....$16
7. BYOB Gloves....$0

I have been using this kit for a couple of weeks now, and it works for me. It is easy to load in/out, travels well, and does not start any hot spots. With my current level of training (former FF w/some EMT-B , Stop the Bleed) and the level of training of my fellow RSO's, I am comfortable with this kit.
Ryker AFAK - https://www.rykernylongear.com/product-page/afak-black

Combat Gauze

There's probably enough room for compressed gauze, pistol mag, etc., but I have skinny ankles and it would print too much.

Changed over from this - https://www.tacmedsolutions.com/Ankle-Medical-Wrap along with this - https://store.itstactical.com/its-edc-trauma-kit.html about 4 months ago. The TacMed was more comfortable, but has less real estate. I can carry just the Ryker on my ankle and relegate the ITS to my day pack. I have a full MCI bag in the truck and office so this set up is GTG for single casualty care.


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My typical "on me all the time" is:
Sof-t wide
Combat gauze
1 Set gloves
1 Set compact hyfin chest seals
1 Epi-pen (family alergy needs)
2-4 Assorted band aids
4 Chew-able benadryl (family allergy needs)
Carry method switches between an ankle rig and and a maxpedition pocket depending on clothing demands.

I've got another maxpedition pouch that holds mainly booboo/nice to haves that I can plus up the kit with if carrying it is convenient.
Back home daily wear SOF-T W. Chest seal in back pocket and if wearing cargo pants/ shorts QC in the pocket along with the TQ and chest seal. Cop and army belt are very similar thus BOK in small of back with
- 2x Combat Gauze
-Hyphin Twin pack
-Control Wrap
-TCCC Card
-1110 Medical tape card thing

I also have the issue IFAK on the back of my carrier right now, 1 TQ on belt, 1 in pocket, and two on IOTV or plate carrier on cummerbund on either side of the front flap.