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Provide your relevant experience and training to post a review of a training company or instructor. This provides a frame of reference for the weight of your review.

One post per person. No personal attacks.


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9 years cop, 5 years part time SWAT. Training in Behavior Analysis and Interview Techniques, High Risk Warrant/Raid Planning and Execution, a bunch of various SWAT stuff (LEFR, TECC, TCCC, less lethal, etc) and endangered missing persons/Amber Alert. Experience in investigating Homicides, Robberies, Carjackings, Officer Involved Shootings, Home Invasions. Have done combined unit training/exercises or operations with. U.S. Secret Service, FBI (regional swat), ATF, DEA (FAST), 20th SFG (Zodiac and Blackhawk familiarity). I don’t have as much formal training from known guys/groups as I would like, but I think I’ve done ok giving my budget.

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5 Years Navy Seabees, Been to a few long range competitions near my hometown outside of Roanoke, VA. Otherwise simply been following posts on P&S since a friend sent me over here three years ago. Been enjoying threads ever since.
ARMY FISTer (former) deployed OEF 08-09

7 years LEO with the last 5 in Dekalb county police department (metro Atlanta. Approx 1100 officers)

Currently assigned to east precinct uniform division as an FTO and Tac response team. Training as follows-

.gov- patrol rifle, tactical shotgun, FTO, dignitary protection, response to terror bombings instructor, ASP instructor, handcuffing inst. low light instructor, advance firearms, officer survival, GA POST intermediate cert, vehicle assault/counter ambush, ALERRT, bombs and explosives (EOD), and rapid response to active shooter with guardian centers in GA. Also have first responder and TCCC training. Also have about 1200 more hours of little more boring training.

ive attended multiple training courses and enjoy competition shooting.
Owner of Archetype of the Gun. Not LEO/MIL, medically retired paramedic from Chicago.

IDPH Licensed Paramedic
Rangemaster Certified Instructor
NRA Instructor
UTM Instructor
Hazmat Ops
Emergency Response to Terrorism
WMD incident response

Course Hx-
-Tom Givens- Rangemaster Instructor Certification
-Massad Ayoob- MAG 40
-Robert Houzenga- MAG 40
-Andy Kemp- MAG 40
-Clint Smith- Urban Rifle, Tactical Handgun
-Dave Spaulding- Reduced Light Pistol
-Robert Militello- Tactical Pistol (basic & advanced), Patrol Rifle, Tactical Shotgun, TEMS, Executive Protection
-Andrew Branca- Law of Self-Defense lvl1
-LUMC/UBMC- Critical Care Paramedic

Countless didactic hours from Massad Ayoob, Dave Spaulding, Mike Pannone, Lt Col Dave Grossman, Tom Givens, John Farnam, Pat McNamara, Louis Awerbuck, Erik Lawrence, Grant Cunningham, Ed Lovette, Claud Werner, and Richard Fairburn.

2018 Schedule- Classes I am attending as a student.
-Varg Freeborn- Primal Violence, High order criminal and counter ambush
-Dave Spaulding- Vehicle Combatives
-NAEMSE- LEAD Instructor
-Tecc- recert
-Randy Clifton- Force on Force/ Advanced concealed carry
I did 4 years as a Marine Corps armorer. I received training on structural and area security along with all the general marine training (anti terror, rifle qualifications, etc), some additial platoon level CQB training, MMG employment both mounted and dismounted, and completed the combat lifesaver course (read TCCC). I’ve conducted training for the usage of the M9, M4, M240, and M2(A1), and I spent time as the platoon training NCO.
I’m an EMT, NRA RSO and basic pistol instructor. I’ve taken CHE with Steve, received training from Archway Defense, I did BJJ for a time while I was stationed in Okinawa.
I’m also a voracious reader, specifically looking at leadership and violence. I’ve read books from Kyle Lamb, Tim Larkin, Steven Pressfield, Paul Howe, Dave Grossman, and Gavin de Becker just to name a few.


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Vehicle technician who got serious with firearms and mindset a couple years ago.

Taken a couple classes with Fisher and managed to get Dark Angel DART in last November with Ross. Looking forward to more as budget allows.

Also PnS Mod since it was Novice &Sec

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