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Chris Taylor

Random Factor of the K Power
Welcome to the Workbench.

This area is for you, the end user, to ask about firearms related issues. We have a pretty broad experience base here, so ask away.

A few things to keep in mind...

- All general forum rules apply.

- No discussions on illegal activities. All NFA, GCA, etc. rules, laws, and guidelines apply. If it's questionable, don't.

- No crap guns. As with the general forum, if you wouldn't trust your life to it, it doesn't belong here.

- This is a forum for working guns/gear. Since there is plenty of overlap between modern working guns and modern hunting/competition guns, questions regarding civilian guns are welcome. Within reason. While we may think granpa's old double barrel is cool, there are better places to ask about those types of guns.

-Only vetted armorers/gunsmiths are authorized to provide input and feedback to advise, diagnose, & fix weapon issues.

Again, welcome to The Workbench.
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