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Waterproof running jackets

Discussion in 'Fitness General' started by Bourneshooter, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Bourneshooter

    Bourneshooter Blue Line Sheepdog Moderator

    What are you finding works for running in rain. Seattle area winter weather is wet. I can't stand treadmills so I have to run outside. I'm not as concerned with pockets on the jacket as I can use a waterproof pouch for my phone/ID and keys go in my shorts.

    Heard the new One Gore jacket is legit, but its MSRP is $300.00

    The Salomon Hybrid JKT U looks nice, with a MSRP lower at $275.00

    This looks attractive especially with the pro discount, OR's Hybrid Helium Jacket. MSRP $145.00
  2. WUtah

    WUtah Newbie

    Personally I'd go with the Helium for a lightweight rain jacket. I've only heard good feedback from others about it, even a guy who wore one in a hailstorm. It's also a good EDC type option due to being so thin, light, and packing down small. OR also makes helium bottoms.
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  3. ggammell

    ggammell Member

    North face hyper air gtx. It's literally like putting nothing on. It almost makes me think the jacket is made of just the gore Tex membrane. It might be. I never looked deeper.
  4. krax

    krax Member

    For high-exertion stuff, I think you'd be better off with an unlined soft shell rather than anything with a waterproof/breathable membrane. You're gonna sweat when you run so you'll be wet no matter what.
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  5. Bourneshooter

    Bourneshooter Blue Line Sheepdog Moderator

    I used a OR Ferossi a few times rain was soaked all the way through in a few minutes defeating the point.
  6. krax

    krax Member

    Is the Ferossi a true soft shell? I have the Ferossi pants and never thought they'd be much help in rain. I was thinking something more along the lines of a Marmot DriClime jacket, which is lined, but it's thin.

    I sweat so much when running in any weather that I'm more likely to carry either a windshirt or light loft layer to throw on when I stop and just wear a long-sleeved shirt to run in. I imagine the humidity in your area only makes it harder to keep anything you're wearing dry.
  7. Bourneshooter

    Bourneshooter Blue Line Sheepdog Moderator

    That it does, but during a rain storm I just accept I'll be sweat soaked by the end of it no matter what, but at least not cold from the rain.

    In regards to the Ferossi, Its not as water repelant as other softshell's I've owned for sure.
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  8. 275RLTW

    275RLTW Regular Member

    The Arc'Teryx Norvan SL is just the gore membrane, nothing else. It's about the lightest I've found for being completely waterproof.
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  9. Default.mp3

    Default.mp3 Regular Member Network Supporter

    FYI, if you qualify for the OR pro deal, you probably qualify for the Salomon pro deal through Experticity.

    I typically don't really care if I get wet running in the rain, but I'm also usually doing LSD in a fairly temperature clime.
  10. Bourneshooter

    Bourneshooter Blue Line Sheepdog Moderator

    I need to find my Experticity login and see pricing in that.

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  11. Bourneshooter

    Bourneshooter Blue Line Sheepdog Moderator

    Well thanks to the OR summer sale and the Gov discount code and Sale code being applied, bought the Hybrid Helium.

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  12. Nathan Burns

    Nathan Burns Newbie

    I have an Outdoor Research Allout shell that beads up water pretty well and has some nice vent zips. Pretty much anything is going to feel clammy on a run though.

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