Warrior Benefit Clay Shoot Raffle (Home Defense/Training Package)


This is the raffle package that I put together for Warrior Benefit, the charity I've been involved with for 7 years now. It's an OUTSTANDING package if I say so myself!! And best of all, the money goes directly to benefit our nation's Wounded Warriors!

This is truly a training package complete with fully outfitted guns, ammo and 2 training classes from top notch instructors!!

One of the COOLEST items is the Colt M45A1 CQBP 1911. Colt has done the USMC engraving that they ONLY DO for MARSOC now!! This makes the value of this pistol around $4,000. It's a badass pistol.

AGAIN PLEASE SHARE THIS POST so we can help raise some money!!!

Please ensure all items are legal to own where you live, or it will void your entry!!!

Thanks and Semper Fi!!!

-Paul Gardner

Warrior Benefit
$50 per ticket | 5 for $200! Visit: http://www.warriorbenefit.org/clay-shoot-raffle/ to pre-purchase your tickets today! You do not need to be present to win!