Warfighter/LEO Nutrition Research


My name is Chris and I am a former US Army platoon medic, longtime P&S subscriber, and currently a Medical Device Engineering graduate student conducting research to ascertain interest in wearable continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) for sports nutrition within the tactical community.

CGMs would provide real-time glucose monitoring on your smartphone or watch that will enable operators to understand the efficacy of their nutrition choices during training and competition. It will therefore inform warrior-athletes about how to fuel appropriately, to fill their glycogen stores prior to a workout and to know when to replenish during a run or ruck to maintain athletic performance.

I would love to get your feedback in a 5-minute anonymous survey linked below. I believe wearable devices monitoring real-time nutrition information during daily workouts or activities will provide critical data for optimizing warrior health and fitness. Feel free to share this survey link with your network as well. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

Follow this link to the Survey:
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If you have any questions feel free to contact me at cmoore20@students.kgi.edu