Vortex Strike Eagle - Has anyone broken one?

I put a Vortex Strike Eagle on my FN carbine a while back and really like the sight. So far after a few hundred rounds and bouncing around in the truck it hasn't shifted zero or suffered any damage. The BDC reticle works well for my 77gr loads out to 300 yards and I rarely shoot further than that, up close my brain comprehends "put the horseshoe on the target and pull the trigger" so that works too. I'm not a Paratrooper/SWAT/Snake Eater, I just need a decent optic not a $1,400 Razor.

I have a second 16" carbine that is a near copy of the FN and I'm thinking of putting a second Strike Eagle on it too. "One is none, Two is one."

They've been around two + years now, has anyone managed to damage or destroy a Strike Eagle? If so tell us how you did it.
I've had one for 3 or 4 years in a Larue mount, have had no zero shifts. It'll make head shots out to 400-450 yds with 75gr or 77gr. It's been thru a shooting course, but no abuse.