Vortex Razor UH-1 For Duty Rifle Use

I am looking to run a personally owned Vortex Razor UH-1 on my patrol rifle and I wanted a better sample size than my one. I would be replacing my office's issued vortex sparc (I'm not thrilled about having an entry level optic on my work rifle).

To test the UH-1 I have been using it on my personal surpressed pistol that is very similar to the silenced SBRs we run at work.

I noticed an issue immediately, at roughly 100-200 rounds I noticed the pin retaining the catch that blocks the throw switch started walking out. Shown in photo. I pushed it back in and watched it slowly walk out again after a few magazines.

I reached out to vortex's customer service and they promptly send me a replacement part. Curiously they sent me a replacement throw lever (not a replacement pin or catch). The rep said that the new throw lever would fix this issue. When I received the new part I noticed that the part was slightly different. The treads were longer on the new part and there was slight difference in the shape of the shaft.

This experience has me second guessing using it for duty use, it wouldn't be a catastrophic failure to loose that pin but it does contribute to retaining the optic on the firearm. The customer service is obviously great but that's doesn't help you halfway through a call.

What do you guys think? Pass on it or run it because it's better than a dang sparc.

It should be noted that I got the optic free for selling their products as a gun store salesman.