Virginia 2019 Election

I just noticed this part today.

“Assault firearm" includes any part or combination of parts designed or intended to convert, modify, or otherwise alter a firearm into an assault firearm, or any combination of parts that may be readily assembled into an assault firearm. "Assault firearm" does not include (i) a firearm that has been rendered permanently inoperable, (ii) an antique firearm as defined in § 18.2-308.2:2, or (iii) a curio or relic as defined in § 18.2-308.2:2.

If I’m understanding that correctly, it means possession of collapsible stocks and vertical fore grips would be charged as possession of an assault firearm.
You are correct. Simply owning the parts is deemed an assault firearm under this bill.

Another interesting development is the Department of Corrections is getting a $250,000 increase. That combined with all the new proposed bills is raising some eyebrows.
Just a reminder that VCDL's Lobby Day is Jan. 20th. Less then a week away. Seems like the General Assembly is trying their best to show these bills through as fast as they can. Things are getting interesting to say the least. They formed a committee to vote on the rules for the General Assembly this year (which was unprecedented) and voted to ban firearms from the Legislators buildings except for Capital Police. So that means even a sheriff or state policeman going to testify or speak at the building cannot enter with a firearm. Everyone entering building except for Legislators must go through a metal detector. The process seems slow and there was a line out the door yesterday and down a couple blocks.
Is anyone else from this site planning on going to lobby day? My wife and I are signed up to talk to many of our state senators in the morning, though I'm leaning pretty hard towards leaving her home. The way the temperature keep getting raised I'm less and less comfortable with how its being handled by the governor.
I'll be there. Seems with the current state of emergency issued by Northam that they are fencing off all the streets going into Capital Square and forcing everyone through one entry and exit point with 17 metal detectors. No guns allowed inside capital square with this Executive Action. Granted if you were lobbying there is already rules General Assembly enacted to ban firearms inside the General Assembly building and Legislature's office buildings. Options are come unarmed to lobby and attend the rally afterwards or come armed and stay outside the fenced perimeter. Northam has manipulated and intensified the tension. I believe the goal of all this is to keep people home. He is worried the crowds will sway some of the Dems votes against some of the more harsh gun control bills. People knowing they cannot come armed and worried about confrontation will lead more people to stay home. I also halfway believe he wants there to be an incident at the capital so he can promote it towards his agenda. I hope that isn't true. Truly feel sorry for the Capital Police and State Police that are stuck in the middle of this.
Bawkbird, you are correct. The intent is to cause an incident and get sound bites and video for the anti-2A effort.

And based on the foolish, and idiotic comments posted online about "time to do patriot shit", "drawing red lines", and "I don't need to be on the square, I'm bringing a long gun"... on MULTIPLE closed forums, the pro-2A idiots will ruin it for the calmer, rational people, and will be their own greatest enemy.

I was set to go, now, seeing the utter stupidity shown within the 2A ranks, not going anywhere near that rally.
Barry I'm not sure what you expected on the internet... But I expect most people there are going to be rational. Hopefully a lot of those comments were good people blowing off steam. My initial response to the emergency declaration was somewhat similar. There will definitely be idiots there though.

I am not going to do the go into the square thing, but I've decided (a) my wife is definitely staying home, and (b) if I can make it to the legislators office building and get though security in time, I'll be keeping those appointments.

Bawkbird I agree with your assessment.
Estimates from the rather political admin of the capital police say 22k. Others say between 30k and 50k. Either way it was an awesome display by normal rational people inspite of the politicians and beauracrats oppression of it.
Irrespective of the actual number of attendees, I’m going with ineffective.

This passed purely along party lines. With minor changes made so that delegates could say it was a bipartisan effort - despite a lack of bipartisan voting of passing.

It’s one of the more controversial bills and only the first of what I suspect will be many. Not sure there are any moves left to Virginians in favor of gun ownership.
I'm happy we kept it at failing to be bi-partisan. I called 2 of the wishy washy Republicans and 3 of the dems about not passing these laws without a jury system making these decisions. Told Emmett hanger if he sells us out again we are going to hold him accountable somehow, we dont know how yet but we will find a way! Haha any way I'm amazed he didn't vote with the Ds today. I'll have to call him and say thanks.
Yes, Red Flag Laws, Universal Background Checks, and One Gun a Month Limits will be passed. Writing is on the wall with those. I'm just hoping that the showing was enough to deter the AWB (which bans magazines over 10 rounds and silencers too) and the localities making their own gun restrictions. AWB is bad for the obvious reasons, but the localities one is going to make Virginia a messed up cluster of differing gun laws all throughout the state. You'll need to carry around a lawyer when going through different counties, cities, and towns just to keep from breaking one of their laws. I'm a perfect example, I live in one county, drive through another county and work in a city every day of the week. That is 3 different set of regulations I have to keep up with that affects me daily.