Vetted Armorers/Gunsmiths

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Abbott, Ryan; Armorer - GLOCK, WSTC AR15/M16

Aber, Joel; Armorer - Colt M16/AR15, Academi AR15/M16

Acosta, Gregory; Owner - Critical Armament, Armorer - GLOCK, Semper Paratus AR15

Alan, Adrian - Owner Performance on Demand Shooting LLC

Allen, Russell; Owner - Liberty Hill Tactical/FMJ Armory, Armorer - GLOCK, Semper Paratus AR15

Bailey, Chris; Armorer - GLOCK Advanced, Smith & Wesson M&P Pistols/AR15, Colt M16/AR15

Beauchemin, Ben; Armorer - SIG M400/M16/M4/AR15

Beedle, Chester; Armorer - GLOCK Advanced, Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 & Shield, Specialized Armament M16/M4/AR15, Remington 870

Benz, Cameron; Armorer - Semper Paratus AR15

Blowers, Bill; Armorer - AR15, Smith & Wesson M&P, SIG Sauer, Safariland

Bohl, Alex; Armorer - Semper Paratus & SOLGW AR15

Bowles, Jordan; Owner/R&D OZARCO LLC - AR15/M16

Bradley, Blake; Armorer - GLOCK, Defensive Edge AR15/M16/M4

Bright, Frank; 91F Small Arms & Artillery Mechanic - Colt M4/M16, Beretta M9, Barrett M107, KAC M110, FN M249/M240, Saco MK19, Mossberg M500, Colt M203, HK 320, Browning M2HB

Brooks, Bill; Armorer - GLOCK

Carbonaro Jonathan; USAF Combat Arms Instructor - Beretta M9, SIG Sauer M11, Colt M4, Colt M203, FN M240, FN M249, Remington 870, Mossberg 590A1

Chamberlain, Scott; Armorer @ Sons of Liberty GunWorks, Armorer - Semper Paratus AR15 Armorer Course

Clifton Chris; Armorer - GLOCK, Smith & Wesson M&P, Blackwater AR15, US Army Small Unit Armorer

Connor, Chris; USMC 2111 Small Arms Repairer - M16/M4, M27 IAR, Barrett M107, M110 SASS, M40 Rifle, M9 Pistol, M1014 Benelli Shotgun, M45 Pistol, M2HB

Crawford, Joel; Armorer - GLOCK

Crow, Eric; Armorer - GLOCK Advanced, Smith & Wesson M&P Pistol Series, Pennsylvania Gunsmith School Master Gunsmithing Program, ECAD Inc Solid Essential Mill & Turn Training Class, Ivy Tech Design Technology, Weigand Combat Basic 1911 Pistolsmithing

Cunningham, Wade; Armorer - GLOCK

Curtis, Rob; Armorer - GLOCK

David, Terry; USN - AR specialty, includes most U.S. military issued small arms as well.

Davis, Blevin; Armorer - GLOCK, Remington 870, Colt M16/AR15

Degerness, Mike; Proof Research - Founder, Engineer, Barrel Designer, Riflesmith

Denham, Marcus; USMC 2111 Small Arms Repairer - M16/M4, M27 IAR, Barrett M107, M110 SASS, M40 Rifle, M9 Pistol, M1014 Benelli Shotgun, M45 Pistol, M2HB

Detweiler, Sutherland; Engineer - Thunder Beast Arms Corporation

Enloe, Marty; Lassen Community College - Design & Repair Double Action Pistols 1/Basic Correctional Officer Armorer/Bolt Action Rifle Barrel Fitter/Triggersmith/Safety Fitter/Firearms Repair/Shotgunsmith, Stoic Ventures - Precision Rifle I/Combat Shotgun, STA Training Group - POF Armorer, 10-8 Consulting - 1911 Armorer, GLOCK - Armorer, Colt M16/AR15

Erickson, Mike; Armorer - S&W M&P/Shield, Defensive Edge AR15/M16/M4

Falcon, Joe; Armorer - Colt AR15/M16, Smith & Wesson M&P/3rd Generation Pistols, Beretta 92 Series, SIG Sauer P220 Series, GLOCK

Flax, Jason; 11B Company Armorer - Beretta M9, M16/M4, FN M240/M249, M2HB, M320, PVS-14, Mossberg M500, GLOCK

Felan, Jordan; Armorer - Springfield Armory M1A/1911/XD/XDM, DPMS AR15/M16, Remington M870

Finley, Eric - R&D at Archer MFG

Finley, Matthew; Armorer - Remington 870, SIG Sauer LEO Semiautomatic Pistols

Fitch, Shane; Armorer - GLOCK, Defensive Edge AT15/M16/M4

Frick, Daniel; Gunsmithing Instructor - FTCC, Machinist -Manual/CNC

Fuller, Jim; Owner - Rifle Dynamics, Communist Bloc Firearms Specialist

Galvan, Randy; USAJFKSWCS Armorer Course - AK47, FN FAL/SCAR/M240/M249/Mk48, HK G3, M16\ M4, GLOCK, Browning Hi Power, SIG SAUER P226\P229\M11, and Berreta M9, PKM, DShK

Gelhaus, Erick - Specialized Armament M16/M4/AR15, Smith & Wesson M&P, Vickers Tactical 1911, GLOCK, HK 416/MP5

Geisen, Anthony; 91F Small Arms & Artillery Mechanic - Colt M4/M16, Beretta M9, Barrett M107, KAC M110, FN M249/M240, Saco MK19, Mossberg M500, Colt M203, HK 320, Browning M2HB

Girdler, Ben; Larue Tactical Armorer’s Course, GLOCK

Goldstein, Jake; Armorer - GLOCK

Gray, Aaron; US Army Ordinance Corps - M9, M107, M240, M249, M2, MK19, M110, M16/M4, M203/M320, M24, M26

Grothues, Kyle; Owner - Son’s Of Liberty Gun Works, Armorer - M4/LR308, Certified Cerakote Applicator

Haugli, Tore; Armorer - Remington AR15/M16/M4, 870, 700

Haught, Matt; Armorer - Semper Paratus Arms AR15

Hess, Ash; Armorer - Sionics AR15, GLOCK , SIG Sauer M17/M18

Hill, Chris; Armorer - GLOCK

Hinck, Shawn - Semper Paratus & SOLWG AR15 Armorer

Holloway, Douglas; Armorer - Smith & Wesson M&P Pistol

Hughes, Matthew - GLOCK, SIG Sauer, Defensive Edge AR15/M16/M4 Armorer

Jackson, Tommy; Armorer - GLOCK, Semper Paratus AR15

Jacob, Nate - Defensive Edge AR15/M16/M4, Safariland OC Aerosol/Less Lethal Impact Munitions/Distraction Devices, GLOCK Wound Ballistics Workshop

Johnson, Adam; Armorer - Semper Paratus AR15

Johnston, Lance; Armorer Supervisor/Shop Technician - Colt M16/AR15, GLOCK, US Patent # D725,415

Jones, Ron; Armorer - GLOCK

Kozowski, Eric; Deputy - Colt M16/M4/AR15, Specialized Armament M16/M4/AR15

Küss, Richard; Unit Armorer Course (Army) - Armorer M16/M4A1/AR15

Larson, William; Owner of Semper Paratus Arms (AR15 Armorer Course), works with SIONICS Weapon Systems of Tucson, AZ. Former U.S Army Infantry, USCG Gunner’s Mate and several years of overseas contracting experience in Iraq and Afghanistan. Current and previous certifications from FN (M240/M249), Beretta, Colt, Knight’s Armament, Dillon Aero, Remington, SigSauer, M203, AK and PKM experience.

Lee, Matthew; Armorer - GLOCK, Smith & Wesson M&P Pistol/Rifle

Lester, Jeff; Professional Engineer - Mechanical

Levi, Matthew; Armorer - GLOCK, Remington 870

Lewis, Mike; Armorer - Colt M16/AR15, Semper Paratus AR15/M16

Lin, Roy; Owner - Weapon Outfitters, Armorer - Semper Paratus AR15, Smith & Wesson M&P Pistols

Lozier, Ben; AS Machine Tool Technology - Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades

MacDonald, Brett; Armorer - Colt Canada C8A2 Carbine

MacGillie, Mac; Instructor/Armorer - SIG P220 Series, GLOCK Armorer, HK MP5, HK MK23/24, M16/M4, M203/M79/Mk19/Mk47 Grenade Launchers, Mk16/17 SCAR, AK47, FN M240/M249/Mk46/Mk48, Remington 700, Remington 870,
Mossberg 500 Series

Maciejewski, Zachary; Armorer - SIG Sauer LEO Course, NSWC Crane Armorer Maintenace/Sniper Weapons Maintenace

Marshall, Moose - SIG Armorer

Martz, Stephanie; 91F20 Armorer - Beretta M9, Colt M4/M16, Mossberg M500 Series, KAC M110, Remington XM2010, Barrett M82A1/M107, FN M240/M249, M2a1 HMG, MK19 GMG, HK320

Maillet, Nate; Owner - First Due Firearms LLC, Armorer - WISR Training Concepts AR15/M16

McCluskey, Kevin; Armorer - SIG Sauer P220/P224/P225/P226/P227/P228/P229/P239, Remington 870, GLOCK

McDonald, David; Armorer - GLOCK, Colt M16/AR15

McEnroe, Tom; Owner TxT Custom Gun Works - Sionics AR15, GLOCK frame modification.

McKillips, Neal; Representative - Geissele/ALG Defense

Mercer, Chad – NRA Certified Gunsmith (Murray State), DoS DEAV Armorer, Bushmaster/Blackwater M4, Colt m203, Glock, FN 240/249, Knights Armament SR15/25, Ruger GP/SP, Smith & Wesson MP/Revolver, Remington 700/870/1100, Long Mountain Outfitters M2QCB-Mk19, LWRCI M6-REPR Armorer Instructor

Miller, Ben; Armorer - Daniel Defense Course, Colt M16/AR15, GLOCK, Remington 870, NRA LEO Patrol Rifle Instructor, NRA LEO Shotgun & Pistol Instructor, Safariland OC Basic Instructor Course, Ohio Peace Officer Training Commisison Hazmat & WMD Awareness

Moody, Logan; Armorer - GLOCK

Mohr, Chris; Gunsmith - Penn Foster, Armorer - M151 RWS/M153 CROWS, Beretta M9, Mossberg 500 Series, HK M320/HK416, FN M240/M249/Mk46/Mk48, Remington 870/700, KAC M110/Mk11, M2HB, GLOCK, SIG Sauer P220 Series

Nagy, Stacey; National Sales Manager - PWS

Nassery, Kevin; Armorer - GLOCK

Nelson, Erik; Gunsmith - Penn Foster, Bruce Piatt Training Concepts - Custom 1911 Building

Nichols, Sawyer; Wabash Valley College Gunsmithing School, Armorer - AR15, Alternative Finishes

Nielsen, Michael; Armorer - Defensive Edge AR15/M16, GLOCK

Osborne, Nate; Armorer - Smith & Wesson M&P Pistol, GLOCK, Semper Paratus AR15

Otter, JT; Armorer - FN M2HB-QCB/Mk19, HK MP5/SCAR 16/SCAR 17/M240/M249, Colt AR15/M16/M203, Beretta 90 Series, Center Firearms Company Foreign Weapons Operator Maintainer Course, SIG Sauer LE Armorer Course, GLOCK, Remington 870/1100/1187, Smith & Wesson M&P Pistol

Owens, Matt; Armorer - Semper Paratus/Sionics AR15

Pedro, Ray; Armorer - GLOCK, Colt AR15/M16

Perry, Tyler; USMC 2111 Small Arms Repairer - M16/M4, M27 IAR, Barrett M107, M110 SASS, M40 Rifle, M9 Pistol, M1014 Benelli Shotgun, M45 Pistol, M2HB

Petronella, Mike; Armorer - Colt 1911, Colt M16/AR15, GLOCK, HK G36, HK MP5, HK 416, SIG Sauer P220/P226/P229/P239, Beretta 92/M9, S&W Gen3 Automatics

Pfortsch, Justin; Armorer - SIG Sauer M400/M16/M4/AR15, SIG P320, SIG 1911, SIG P220/224/225/226/227/228/229/239

Pierce, Simon; Product Manager - Brownells

Pickerell, Taylor; Buhler Ballistics - 07/02, Firearm Engineer

Plunkett, Glenn; USAF Combat Arms Supervisor - Beretta M9, SIG Sauer M11, Colt M4/M16/AR15, Colt M203, FN M240, FN M249, Remington 870, Mossberg 590A1, Knight’s Armament SR25/M110/Mk11

Post, Taylor; Armorer - Sionics AR15

Ray, Ashton; Armorer - Smith & Wesson M&P Series, Certified Lubrication Specialist

Reed, Kevin; MSME - Georgia Institute of Technology

Remer, Joshua; Armorer - SIG Sauer P220/P224/P225/P226/P227/P228/P229/P239, Academi AR15/M16

Richard, Pat; Armorer - GLOCK

Ring, Nate; 91F Small Arms Artillery Repairer

Ryman, Greg; Armorer - GLOCK

Schubert, Clayton; Gunsmith - Trinidad State Junior College

Schwartz, Neil; Armorer - Colt M4, Remington 870, GLOCK, HK UMP/P2000/P2000SK

Sebasky, Tyrone; Owner - Iron Wolf Arms LLC

Shank, Christian; Armorer - GLOCK

Sharp, Jacob; Armorer - M4/M16, M2HB, Mossberg M500, Beretta M9, MK19 GMG, FN M240/M249, M151 CROWS, Semper Paratus AR15

Smithers, Josh; Armorer - GLOCK

Strickland, Chris; Armorer - GLOCK

Stonar, Matt; Armorer - Semper Paratus/Sionics AR15

Sucher, Kevin; Armorer - Colt AR15/M4, SIG DAK Series

Sullivan, Greg; Armorer - AR15/M16/M4, GLOCK, S&W Revolvers & Pistols, Remington 870/700/1100/1187, Benelli M-Series, Mossberg 500 Series, FN FAL, Springfield M14/M1A Owner - SLR15 Rifles

Summerfield, Joseph; Armorer - Semper Paratus Arms AR15

Swanson, Gene; Research & Development/Armorer - LMT Firearms

Swartz, Charlie; Armorer - Remington M870, GLOCK, AR15/M16

Taylor, Chris - Certified Gunsmith

Taylor, Kenneth; Armorer - Colt M16/AR15/1911, GLOCK

Thomas, Buck; Armorer - Defensive Edge AR15, GLOCK, Remington 870/700, OOW M240/M249, OOW PKM

Timberlake, Grant; Armorer - Smith & Wesson M&P Pistol/AR15, GLOCK

Timm, David; Armorer - AR15, GLOCK, SIG Sauer P220 Series, Remington 870, HK MP5, Colt 1911

Tolar, Skye; Gunsmith - Colorado School of Trades, Armorer - GLOCK

Touchstone, Troy; Armorer - Semper Paratus AR15

Travilian, James - Gunsmith/Machinist

Trevino, Aaron; Armorer - GLOCK, Colt M16/AR15

Trost, Clark; Owner - CnC Holsters

Valenciano, Al; Armorer - Semper Paratus AR15

Victa, Thomas; Product Manager - Pistols FN America LLC, Former Adams Arms Engineer (AR15), Former Beretta Engineer (Shotguns/Long Guns), Former FN Engineer (Service Pistols)

Wantland, Nick; Armorer - GLOCK, Techical Specialist - VLTOR

Webb, Tim; Armorer - GLOCK, Remington 870, Colt M16/AR-15

Westman, Tommy; Armorer - LMO M16/M4/AR15, LMO AK/RPK, Gunsmith - Montgomery Community College, Smith & Wesson M&P

Wideman, Chance; Armorer - GLOCK, Defensive Edge AR15/M15/M4, Mossberg 500/590, Benelli M4, Remington 870

Williams, JD; Armorer - Smith & Wesson M&P, GLOCK, Colt AR15/M16/1911 Model O, Accuracy International AX/AE/AW, SIG Sauer P220 Series/P239/P320, Semper Paratus AR15, Springfield XD/XDM

Williamson, James - Heckler and Koch Certified Master Armorer and owner of Teufelshund Tactical

Wolfe, Joseph; Armorer - GLOCK

Wright, Claude; Gunsmith - Trinidad Junior State College

Yingling, Steven

Zito, AJ; Gunsmith - Yavapai College
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