Vest carrier for patrol.

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My K9 guys, what vest are you using? I'm headed off to NAPWDA training in the next few months and I'm being approved to get an overt vest carrier. I'd prefer not to have a bunch of molle all over, but I'm going to need some room for extra goodies. The Velocity lpac with a placard of some sort has been my number one choice, but I'd like some input from of y'all. More than likely I'll be using my existing concealment cut armor, but getting new soft armor isn't out of the question.
As always, I'm open to input, good insults, roasting, and advice.
Thanks in advance.
I recently received a sample vest from Cowell Tactical and was very impressed with it. Our Chief said absolutely not to vests with pouches so I can’t say how comfortable it is but my initial impressions were that it is a solid piece of kit that will hold up to regular abuse as far as external vests go.

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