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If you are interested in selling items and/or services within the forum as part of your business, there is a separate vendor only sales area called Stockpile. Within that area, only members with vendor status may start threads, all members can reply. (Does not apply to training companies that only provide training)

You must be in good standing with and already known as a reputable vendor within P&S.

Actions/behavior that does not fit the mission, intent, or goal of this forum can result in revocation of access.

The rules of Stockpile:

Only registered vendors may sell here.

Posts my be refreshed every 48 hours.

Replies may be posted within the threads.

One Thread per vendor.

Nothing stolen

No Gov property

Firearms will be transferred via FFL if sold outside seller's state lines.

Set prices for each item are required.

If you wish to become listed as a vendor, email request to
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