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Here's a review for the LE I put together, I'll add some pics of the setup tomorrow when I've got a little more time.

For background I'm a Border Patrol agent in Texas, and have been using the LE for a couple months now. In regards to heat this thing is leaps and bounds better than our old kevlar outer carriers. Having mesh on the cummerbund and on the inside of the carrier allows for so much more breathability. Even in the heat wave we've been experiencing it's not been unbearable to have this on. The shoulder straps are comfortable considering their small profile. I'm running a radio pouch and vertical trauma kit on either cummerbund and still have pretty good range of motion in my arms.

So I've got a few things that would make this absolutely perfect in my mind. 1. a factory option for something like the arbor arms buckle or first spear tubes. 2. I would like to see a hybrid of the LE/LT where a back panel has both the drag handle and zip-on panel ability. It would be nice to quickly zip on a hydration bladder and have the drag handle still available specifically for law enforcement. 3. the d-rings for the shoulder straps are noisy when the carrier has some weight on it. This is really specific in that when we are setup to apprehend subjects in the field, I'm looking to minimize any noise source. I've just been using some candle wax to silence them and that has worked well in case anyone is looking for a solution. 4. last on the list would be an OD green option. I know that's dated but it's a lot closer match to our uniform and possibly to some other agencies stateside.

The LE is great, the things I listed are really just preferences. If your on the fence about purchasing just get it, you won't regret it.
Velocity will do custom work if you email them. I was part of a small group buy on another forum for a custom Scarab that nixed the kangaroo pocket. Send me a PM if you want a POC to try and find some other buyers. The Scarab is without a doubt the most comfortable plate carrier I have ever worn.

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