Vang Comp with flite control?


If all that my shotgun is going to be eating is flite-control 00 buck and slugs is it worth it to have a barrel Vang comp'd? I've done some reading and have seen anecdotes varying from the VangComp opens the pattern up even more (which I find the hardest to believe) to there being no difference at all, to the Vang comp'd barrel closes groups dramatically. I was hoping some people on here have patterned this combination and could provide some insight. In theory, the longer gentler forcing cone should still aid in the pellets leaving the barrel without being deformed, which should increase the accuracy but I'm no scientist.

For context, my current gun patterns about 12-14" at 25 yards. I am looking to see if a Vang'd barrel would help make my gun a more viable tool in a parking lot gun fight without having to switch to slugs.

Again, only talking about Flite-control 00 buck.

Thanks in advance.
Flitecontrol has shown in testing that it patterns tighter with minimal to zero (cylinder/IC) choke and increasing choke constriction delivers poor results due to compression of the wad affecting the air brake petals and destabilizing the wad separation from the pellet stack.

Vang Comp barrels are from what I understand a gradual choke starting all the way from the forcing cone, which can disrupt proper functioning of the Flitecontrol wad and lead to disturbed pellets and larger patterns compared to cylinder or improved cylinder bore. There's reports of this on Shotgun World, linked below.

If I already owned a Vang Comp barrel I would look for non-flitecontrol ammo in every corner. Federal Power-Shok, Federal Vital-Shok without FC wad, Winchester Super-X, Winchester Supreme, Remington, Fiocchi, Estate, Spartan, etc and pattern test all of them. One will be the definite winner and might even be easier to find in stores than Flitecontrol.

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Greg "Sully" Sullivan

From my experiences with 6 different Vang Comp barrels, ranges shot when testing were 5yds-25yds, what we observed was that they shoot conventional 00-buckshot much tighter as compared to factory barrels. When we shot Flight Control 00-buckshot through factory barrels, we were able to obtain tight groups as well. When we shot Flight Control 00-buckshot through Vang Comp barrels, the groups were larger than when we fired the same ammunition out of factory barrels. However we have not tried the Flight Control #1-buckshot as of yet for comparison, but I will put that on our to do list.

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I have seen flitecontrol shot in vang and standard barrels and non flitecontrol in vang and standard barrels all side by side- flitecontrol through vang was tightest pattern.

Oddly enough, when I took Steve Fisher's Practical Shotgun course earlier this year, I observed that everyone that ran Flite Control with a Vang'd barrel had squirrelly patterns vs. those running Cylinder or Improved Cylinder bore. It was weird, as I expected what you observed...that surely Flite Control would be tighter out of a Vang'd barrel.