USA-Made P10 Series - FS, C, SC

I cannot wait to get that P-10 F into my hands. I much prefer a full size handgun.
I switched to a P10F from a Gen 5 17 because I just shoot the P10 better. As in 25% smaller group sizes better. Your mileage may vary. The P10F had a better trigger out of the box than the 17 had after putting in an Apex trigger, Lantac connector, Zev spring kit and a couple of hours of polishing and massaging.
My only initial complaint is that the optic mounting plates are too thick to use the existing sights as backup - at least on the RMR version. I havent installed taller sights because I intend to put an Acro on my P10F shortly - just waiting to see if Aimpoint has a quick fix for the short battery life before I commit the funds. My experience so far is similar to William - I am shooting it much better than my fullsize M&P which has an Apex trigger installed.
Just took my brand new P10s to zero today(with a Sig Romeo 1) Grip angle more natural to me than a Glock- and trigger is great. Right out of the box and quick zero its averaging 94s on a B8 bull with range and carry ammo. Quality is great- and may make a convert from Glocks (Shooting Glock for work and competition since ‘08)

As far as the iron sight issue- got of the phone with Dawson about 2 hours ago- gave them the heights needed- and will fit a set for me. Will post pictures and any other info once they send them to me.
ODA - feedback on the sights? I was under the impression that the dovetail location for the OR pistols is further to the rear so that the conventional P10 Rear sights are not an option.
Mothballed on my end for now- I still owe Dawson my sights and slide to test fit, but other obligations I have put this on hold for now.

Not at all on Dawson Precision- they are great people.
Saw an IG post a few days ago - announcement for an Optic Ready SC model (Semi-Compact). It will feature the Compact grip size with the Full size Slide/Barrel. Nothing on their website yet - suppose it will be debuted at Shot Show.