Unobtrusive body armor in a conflict zone


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I need recommendations for ballistic body armor that could be purchased retail, overnighted to a CONUS location, and is very low profile in a war zone.

The point being for ballistic protection that will not suggest the wearer is a military combatant from long distance or cursory observation.

The wearer would be a military age male, with absolutely no hint of military affiliation past or present.


DSG has U210s in stock in large and medium and has overnight shipping. Dunno how long they take to process, but IME they're usually shipping within one or two business days.

I guess the important questions are, what kind of ballistic capabilities are they looking for, and what kind of clothing are they wearing? One could quite feasibly conceal a pretty thick plate with a minimalist carrier if wearing baggy stuff, like a hoody or jacket. There is also the question of coverage; concealable soft armor obviously would not do much for rifle, but can provide much more coverage for pistol and frag, in which case, OPT has Crye LVSes in stock with next day air available (also a variety of rifle plates).


Velocity makes a series of ULV PCs, Ultra Low Visibility (though I think only Shadow Works which you can't get retail). The most covert is even front protection only, and they come in white for under-clothing wear, though as asked already: HOW low profile? Often simply a slick and well-cut carrier under a jacket is enough. Sounds like pretty much any quality PC will do for the situation listed by the OP, just try to get less molle, and so on to be lower profile. CB should look like just a sweater or shirt from a distance, but ODG less so. Black I think looks like black nylon, never blends in like it's normal clothing.

Velocity also will go so far for these as to use steel or (better, MUCH more expensive) titanium plates, so the bulk is minimal. But these start getting into very special threats then. Sounds unnecessary for this situation.

For more normal plates, I (and others who have more experience confirm this) like the ShotStop GT2. Level 3 +M855, and only a tidge heavier and thicker than the U210s for a few hundred $ less, plus whenever bought, are in stock and easy to get shipped fast. I forget the policy on naming retailers here but can provide one.
The carrier is going to make more of a difference, than 1/2 of plate thickness, IMO. As others have asked, what does it need to stop?

I would not recommend shot stop armor, especially their GT2. It is a 10x12 size, but the ceramic strike face, is 8x10 protection area. The outer edge is a hard foam, with a poly backing. It will not stop m855 there, they claim to stop m193. It is not a III+, for it is not rated to stop 7.62x51 threats. It is a special threat rated plate. All of their ceramic plates have a reduced size strike face, which is why their plates are so light.

I would look at Midwest armor (as another option) , their Venture FM STX (it is made by Tencate). It is a special threat rated, but from a reputable company. Thin as well.


Assuming you're considering hard armor, Hesco U210, M210 are great options. AT Armor's STOP and STOP-BZ plates (made by Tencate I believe) are also very thin...Midwest Armor's Tencate offerings like Brendog mentioned are also worth a look. Of course choice in the low pro category depends on what it is you want to stop and price. As far as carriers go Ferro Concepts Slickster is a good option that can be scaled up if needed, and the SKD PIG Brigantine is pretty slick and inexpensive but less modular than FC.