United Efforts

Checkers = forwarding emails, liking Facebook memes , and watching FoxNews; taking part in rallies; voting the party line or holding a party position.

Chess = talking one on one with your neighbors; actively working on a campaign or with an outside group (PAC/SuperPAC); voting only for solid candidates that you've researched and examined their voting history.

Go = working (non-politically) within your neighborhood, community, political district; running/agitating for city council, school board, or county commissioner; voting only for a candidate that is solid 100% inline with your values and not party line.
Also I strongly recommend voting to get solid guys through your party primary.

It doesn't matter if you vote republican if you get antigun or weak republicans in congress or your state legislature
Remember elections run on time. Know your deadlines and reporting requirements. Know when you must file by, when the votes are cast, be on time!

With apologies to Don Rumsfeld "You go to war with the candidate you have. Not the one you want, not the one that might show up next week, but the one you have. - CA"