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Triumph systems, Pivital trainer

Discussion in 'New Stuff' started by Gilevi, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Gilevi

    Gilevi Newbie

    Had it for a for months now. And i have to say my opinionis the same as in the video. Ill add that not haveing a removable battery is a huge pain in the ass, more so then i thought in the video. But the battiery does hold a charge for a long time. Let me think of the video. And sorry for thw huge dingger i had in, but got to have my tobacco.
  2. Gilevi

    Gilevi Newbie

    Also to add. Last time i used it on the range, i had it about 3-5 feet to the side of a steel targets we were shooting at. And the spall off the steel tore up the plastic frame bad.

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