Tristan Ramos G19 Practice Journal

G19 (Apex trigger and connector, warren u notch sights, xc1)
Mid 80's (it's central texas don't act shocked)

Drill 1
From concealment (IWB appendix)
1 round on a 3x5 card for time
@3 yards average out of 5 attempts was 2.90 seconds
@7 yards average out of 5 attempts was 3.03 (with 1 mike)

Attempted numerous times at 12 yards (Didn't really record or remember times. Kinda lost drill focus at 12 yards. Turned into a competition.)

Drill 2
From concealment (IWB appendix)
2 body 1 head (body: 8 inch plate &a head: 3x5 card) for time
@3 yards average out of 5 attempts was 3.30 seconds

Drill 3
From concealment (IWB appendix)
1 round no time
@25 yards 1 hit out of 6 attempts

A buddy of mine just bought his 3rd G19 after doing a short adventure into other pistol platforms; I'm letting him borrow an IWB holster until the one he ordered comes in so this range session was more about familiarization with the loaner holster and getting more time in with the apex trigger and connector. Next Time I'll attempt to take pictures of targets and run drills further out.
G19 no changes

Drill 1
Cadence drill
4 rounds 1 second per round
4 rounds .5 seconds per round
4 rounds .25 second per round
4 rounds as fast as possible
On 3x5 cards @ 3 yards

Drill 2
The FAST drill
@3 yards
7.06 alb(failure to fire)
5.41 m1
5.43 clean
5.07 m3
5.18 m3

Drill 3
Gun blew up in my hand
Either a bad casing
Or a double charge on the reload
I'm okay but my gun is gonna be out of commission for the next week or so until I get it all sorted.

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G19 Zev Connector, Apex Trigger, Zev Striker Spring, Apex Safety Plunger, Warren U-notch Sights

Gun is back up and running. The old man at Just Glocks in Copparas Cove called me an idiot and basically gave me parts to fix it for free.
Shot an all steel local match yesterday at the Copparas Cove Pistol Club, did horribly, threw tons of mikes. I was one of the faster guys in my squad for first shot from the draw and reloads but just completely shit the bed when it came to tracking my sights.

Tomorrow I'll update with the drills I'm using to force focus on that front sight and target transitions.

No Mike Mondays!

G19 Zev Connector
Apex Trigger
Zev Striker Spring
Apex Safety Plunger
Warren Tactical U-Notch Sights

Drill 1
1Reload1 @12 yards
3x5 card, no time

2m the rest clean

Drill 2
Shooting around a barrier
Two barrels stacked
Shooting at a 3x5 card @7 yards
Alternating left to right side of the barrels without moving feet

Drill 3
1 Malfunction 1
@7 yards on 3x5 card

6.30 2m
5.45 c
5.43 1m
5.76 2m
5.53 1m

Zev Connector
Zev Striker Spring
Apex Trigger
Apex Safety Plunger
Warren Tactical U-Notch Sights

Draw from OWB high ride concealment holster

Bought a TBRCi Micro Comp and a used Storm Lake Threaded Barrel and shot about 50 rounds through it, maybe more. With my 124gr reloads it works great, it feels like the point of aim/impact shifted up toward 12oclock @ 7 yards. I need to put more rounds through it to see how accurate the combo is at further distances. I shot these drills with the factory barrel.

Drill 1
Draw and Shoot 2 @7 yards
On 3x5 card

2.11 1m
2.05 2m
2.79 1m
2.80 c

Drill 2
1Reload1 @7 yards
on 3x5 card

3.94 c
4.02 c
3.55 c
3.94 c
3.64 c

Drill 3
Bill Drill @7 yards
on 8" Circle

3.52 1m
3.32 3m
3.39 c
2.81 3m
2.97 3m

Really disappointed in myself
I need to go back to starting with accuracy focused drills and finish with maybe 1 timed drill.
Shot with a couple of compensators today
The TBRCi Micro Comp on a Storm Lake Barrel
And the KKM "Roland Special" Barrel and 4 port comp
Both gave me issues with my ammo combo
I ran into a ton of issues with failure to feed
Failure to extract
and Squibs.

The pressures from the comp and the light loadings from my reloads don't work well together, there are pressure minimums for these comps.

But here is what my buddy shot today out of his G34 with 115gr mixed bag ammo.

Range session for 4 Feb 17

Started the day with Draw/5Sec par/1 round at second beep at 7 yds on 2x2.5 FAST Box

5 reps, All 5 in box

Then 2/reload/1 par time of 5 seconds (prep for FAST)

2x Clean with under 6 seconds
5x DQ with either M or over time by more than 2 seconds

Finished with basic marksmanship at 7 yds on 6 in circle. Looking for trigger control and groupings for usage.

Basic drills to build on.

Using a Glock 34/Dawson Fibers/Taran comp spring kit
115 Freedom Munitions/Handloads/Perfecta