Training in the DFW area


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Moving to the North side of Ft Worth from the Chicagoland area next month

I need to take the Texas CCW course and also I need to take a carbine course as a refresher

anyone know any good instructors or training schools in the area?

And anyone down there who can train the kalashnikov platform? Because of corona my tax refund that would usually go to ammo went to rent and the only affordable ammo I can find is 5.45 and 7.62x39.


I'm from DFW and there's a place in Waxahachie called ETTS that has a solid Defensive Pistol class. I just took it a couple days ago, it was a pretty small group and they divided us up into two even smaller groups to account for differences in skill level. I saw both of the instructors shoot some and they're clearly pretty good competitive shooters. Plus they were really nice and let me shoot a few of their guns after the class was over. Personally I learned a lot, my recoil control and ability to track the front sight through recoil got way better and my splits improved quite a bit.

I took my CCW course at DFW gun range a couple years ago. It was okay, nothing special, but I got my CHL out of it and they did a good job going over all of the laws relating to carrying a handgun.

Haven't taken any rifle classes around here yet.


Late to the party on this if you haven't found then you should go check it out. They are a private range above quail creek. They offer lots of good training, as well as a range membership. I love the range since it is the only one in DFW I can find close in the northwest area that allows draw from concealed, and movement on the range.