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Training Ammo to Compliment Your Duty Ammo

Discussion in 'Ammunition' started by KMo1205, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. KMo1205

    KMo1205 Member

    With the training season about to start and tax return around the corner, I find myself in a position to buy a lot of bulk ammo. By "training" I mean taking a class, not just range practice time. In the past this has been a "get the cheapest available" solution. However, as my shooting and training are maturing, I find myself wanting better ammo that more closely compliments or mimics my defensive ammo choice, while still getting the best "bang" for my buck.

    Questions are what are your handgun and rifle duty/defensive ammo and the training ammo that compliments it? And is it important to mimic your duty or self defense ammo when you take a class?

    My self defense handgun ammo is Federal HST 147 with American Eagle 147 FMJ for training. Rifle defense ammo is Speer 64gr. Gold Dot and Federal M193 for training (open to suggestions for a better complimentary rifle training ammo).
  2. ggammell

    ggammell Member

    I have noticed no difference between duty rounds and federal American eagle or Speer lawman in both pistol and rifle varieties. American eagle makes a 62gr fmj (not 855) that would probably be a little more similar to the Speer duty load than m193.

    Lawman is specifically advertised as being the same spec as their duty round to properly replicate duty round function in training.

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